12 Useful Tips for Vacation Rental Cleaning & Maintenance

If you have a vacation rental, giving comfort and a warm feeling is one of the most important things you can provide to your guests. Maintaining your vacation rental is extremely important as it will define whether your guests will like it or not. Cleaning takes some serious planning so make sure you follow the tips mentioned below to maximize efficiency.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

Here are 12 great tips to clean and maintain your vacation rental.

1. Vacation rentals – whether occupied or not should have ultra clean curtains and carpets. Make sure you clean them every month and also get them deep cleaned annually.

2. Checking air-conditioning and heating systems should be an important item in your rental’s cleaning checklist. Get them serviced periodically and don’t forget to dust down any air vents as well.

3. What do you use to clean the walls? Try using a magic eraser to remove any scuff marks on the walls. A little water and a bit of scrubbing is all it takes to remove any stains on the walls.

4. Have a good walkthrough in and around your property is always a good idea to check for patches of mould, dripping taps, faulty fixtures or damps. Taking care of these is extremely important or else they can cause serious wear and tear to the property in the near future.

5. A very key task which most of the rental owners often overlook is cleaning out the drains and plug holes – these are the areas where there can be unnecessary blockage due to deposit of dirt and other dust particles.

6. Your renters would be pleased to see clean and tidy bedding, linen, towels and blankets. Make sure you wash them properly on a regular basis. Replace them with new ones if required but do not keep dirty or old towels/blankets as it creates a really bad impression in the minds of the renters.

7. Along with cleaning the property, regular maintenance checks are also important. You need to double check each and everything before the next guest arrives. If something needs to be changed or repaired, do that before they are ready to move-in.

8. You must not only take care of all the maintenance work yourself, but also keep a set of tools at a safe place (out of reach of children), so that they can come in handy when your guests need to access them for a useful touch here and there.

9. Always keep a set of extra bulbs and batteries. At times when these are required urgently, the spares can be of use without giving your guests much of a hassle.

10. Checking the exteriors is as important as the interiors. Check for leaks on the roofs, repaint the walls if required and get the broken tiles fixed. The entrance and the garden area should be tidy and litter-free. All these matter a lot to put a positive impression on your guests and visitors.

11. If you think that you’ll not be able to do all this by yourself, take help from a professional agency. You can also lend them a hand if required so that that the cleaning and maintenance process can be finished quickly.

12. You must always leave a list of emergency contact numbers with your guests in case they need any sort of help. You can also have a caretaker help you in servicing your guests properly.

There is no big secret to methodical cleaning and maintenance. If you know the needs and quirks of your property and plan ahead, you will have the key to successfully getting all the tasks done on time with precision.

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