5 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Vacation Rental

Owning or managing a vacation rental is all about ensuring a near 100 percent occupancy. This is easier said than done. Thankfully, as an owner, you can take measures to make your rental a success and keep it occupied most of the year. It will require a little work at your end, but once you have a system in place, you will be able to follow it.

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Today, customers have higher expectations from vacation rentals, as they see them as a home away from home. They expect prompt response to their queries and want everything that the advertisement promoted in place.

If they do not feel respected or the vacation rental does not come meet their expectation, your guests will have no qualms about checking out and demanding their money back. You can avoid such a scenario and use your guests as a mode of advertisement by following these simple, but valuable, tips.

Following are the 5 important tips property owner’s needs to take into consideration to get success in vacation rental business.

1. Make Each Guest Feel Special

Every single person who reserves your vacation rental should be treated with respect and cared for. Guests are looking for exceptional service and a memorable experience. The better the experience, the higher the chances your guests will refer your property to their family and friends when they return.

If you know your guests are arriving late and will not be able to shop for groceries, have the pantry and refrigerator stocked. This will surprise them the moment they walk in, and they will love it. You also can place a fruit basket for your guests.

Ensure directions to the shopping areas, grocery store, pharmacy and hospital along with emergency numbers are placed in the rental where guests can easily locate them.

2. Valuable Additions

We all love to receive something extra, even if that something is small. One of the best ways to have happy and content guests is by giving them more than they expected.

Remember, there is no dearth of vacation rentals, and you want your rental to be better than others, so that guests keep returning and also spread the word about it.

Giving more does not necessarily mean spending loads of money. Include things, such as a wireless router for internet connectivity, a docking station to charge an iPhone, video games, board games, DVDs, books, satellite TV and tubes and floats if you have a swimming pool.

3. Prompt Communication

There is nothing more irritating than sending an inquiry and not getting a prompt response. It can turn people off. So avoid delaying communicating with your guests. They will appreciate prompt response, as it is a sign of a high level of professionalism.

If necessary, use the phone to call up potential guests. This will give them reassurance and help seal the deal. So, make sure you answer questions promptly and quickly, otherwise you will lose out.

4. Anticipate Your Guests’ Requirements

A big part of making your vacation rental a success is anticipating your guests’ needs and requirements. When a guest wants to book your rental, they will want to know how to reach it, the places they can visit in the surroundings, how to book a car rental, the amenities available and what housekeeping arrangements are in place.

If you anticipate the questions and needs of your guests, you will be able to serve them better. It is always a welcome change to get information without asking, and this will give them the assurance that they have made the right choice.

5. Marketing Your Rental

Marketing your vacation rental is extremely important. Rather than marketing it on many websites, it is best to select a few that give the best results like VacationCluster.com and focus on them. Take great photographs of the interiors and exteriors to give guests a view of what to expect when they stay there.

Incorporate pictures of the surroundings also, such as views of the ocean or mountains, swaying palms, orchards or anything else that is spectacular and can be seen from the property. Make sure all photos are clear, crisp and accurate.

In addition, have a marketing plan in place. In fact, this should be in place long before you use listings as a way to promote your property. A detailed marketing plan will allow you to set up a budget and work within the constraints of that budget more effectively.

Figure out where and how to market. This will help you utilize your budget the right way and ensure a successful vacation rental.

These are some very simple, but effective, ways of making your business a success. There are many homes to choose from and you want your rental to stand apart. These tips will help you accomplish this.

By giving your guests a unique and memorable experience, you will have customers for life, and these same customers will go home and talk about their experience and market your vacation rental. As a result, you will have a constant flow of guests, which is what every vacation rental owner wants.

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