6 Developments that will Impact Vacation Rentals Business in 2013 – Part 1

business developments 2013The demand for vacation rentals has been on the rise in the US and several other nations in the past decade. In 2013, this demand if further expected to increase. Mentioned below are major trends that are expected to impact the sector in 2013. Rental owners must consider these developments if they want to improve business.

1. Connection and marketing on the internet

Today a traveler wants to contact the property owner directly, this is because most are connected to the internet which allows them to search for and make direct contact with the rental facility. This helps cut additional commissions charged by the travel agents. At present, many holiday houses don’t have their own websites and are reliant on travel agent advertising. So the development on an online presence will increase in 2013.

2. Inclusion of professionalism at Vacation Rental property

To keep pace with the rising demand for rental accommodation, vacation properties must be professionalized. Old fashion personal management techniques used by many rental owners won’t cut the cake so the introduction of professionally qualified staff is expected to increase in 2013 also take benefits and make money by investing in Vacation Rental industry.

3. Adoption of modern technology for bookings

Beside just development of websites, vacation home owners must also consider the cell phone browser. Smart phones have grown to become the most commonly used gadget in today’s world. Most people have internet access over their phone so the vacation rental companies and property owners must consider upgrading to cell phone browser friendly websites which will help convert the cell phone user to a paying guest.

4. Prepare and Expand in Readiness to the Increase in Vacationers

A 2012 research shows many people’s income levels have increased. Having made the savings, people are beginning to plan for long postponed vacation. With projections showing a spike in travelers in 2013 the demand to cater for their lodging has been prioritized. Property owners must expand if they wish to cater to the demand.

5. Rental Owner Must Watch out for the Reviews

The reviews are already making a huge impact in every business and have already begun creating awareness regarding different holiday homes. This is expected to spike to a new high in 2013. So owners, managers and marketers must keep all clients happy so they can provide positive feedback on the review pages.

6. Hotel Lobbies Set to Fight Back

The past decade has seen many hotels loose a large percentage of clients who chose vacation rentals due to cheaper cost, more special rentals and more facilities. The hotel lobbies have already began making major renovation to attract clients back and this is expected to go into full swing next year. Hence, vacation property owners need to prepare themselves to fight this competition by improving on their services.

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  • Daniele

    What do you think about the coming future for real estate agent, managing a few properties. Will they struggle due to the increasing opportunities for owners to market directly, or you see opportunities?
    Thanks from Italy!

    • VacationCluster

      Hello Daniele, thanks for your comment and ask question on real estate agent’s future. We have pointed in our blog post that travelers wants to contact owners directly, this is because of increasing the use of internet and travelers don’t have to pay extra of commission of agent. on the other side if owners have more than one rental and if he stay far away from his rentals, in that case he can’t manage by own. Also, developments and impact of vacation rentals increasing in 2013. So, owners looking for professionalism staff and consultancy who provides rentals services which act as a mediator. So, Real estate agent’s role comes in that and will get opportunities same.

  • Peg

    Very informative set of developments. I have found that personalizing my emails, and publishing reviews increases inquiries.

    • VacationCluster

      Thanks for like our blog post. For more information about Vacation Rentals and tourism industry you can subscribe to our blog post.

  • How can your your 1st point say renters want to contact the owners directly, then the 2nd point says you need a professionalized staff to deal with them?

    • VacationCluster

      Hello Paul, here we explain that travelers wants to contact owners directly that’s true. but the things is suppose some owners have rentals/villas more than one or if owner stay far away from their rentals. So, he can’t manage all the inquiries. Also, impact and developments of this industry in 2013 is increasing, so professional staff must need for their rentals. So, both points are not differ.

      • Peg

        Point 2: Owners with only one or two units to rent need to be involved personally. It’s the one feature they have that big resort owners can’t equal. Point 3. Some areas near the water are NOT cell phone friendly i.e. cell phones don’t work. Guests are grateful to have a land phone available in an emergency, and to make free local calls, long distance with a phone card.

  • Bob

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    • VacationCluster

      Oh thanks Omar, you can subscribe to our Newsletter for get other article/blog.

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