6 Developments that will Impact Vacation Rentals Business in 2013 – Part 2

Year 2013 is predicted to be interesting and rosy for tourism and vacation rentals industry. This forecast is based on a careful analysis of travel patterns of tourists in 2012. Mentioned below are few more trends (in addition to the other important developments listed in Part 1) which are predicted to happen in vacation rentals business in 2013. The aim of discussing these developments is to assist vacation rentals owners in preparing their business strategy and discerning vacationers in planning their itinerary.

1.  Urban destinations will dominate the popularity landscape

Tourists will continue to flock the traditional vacation hotspots, but will exhibit a significant change in loyalty and show greater fondness for larger cities in 2013. In 2012 itself, urban locations contributed 70% in the list of top 10 most preferred destinations.

2. Traditional vacation destinations will continue to captivate large groups

Cities are experiencing an unprecedented rise as prominent vacation destinations, but the demand is confined to smaller parties of tourists not exceeding 2-3 in numbers. Large groups constituted by 10 or more people still prefer remote vacation retreats set out in the serene and tranquil lap of nature or remote areas.

3.  Vacations rentals will become the first love of couples

Past trends indicated that holiday houses were reserved exclusively by large traveler groups with an average member size of four to eight travelers. However in 2012 it was seen that tourists traveling in parties of two are gradually shifting their loyalty from hotels to predominantly vacation rentals. This trend is going to gain more strength in 2013.

4. Vacation rentals will get booked for one or more weeks by travelers

Travelers are likely to reserve holiday houses for a period exceeding two nights. Vacation stays will customarily stretch for a minimum of one week or more. People will look for more amenities from rentals and will be inclined to organize marriage, parties etc on exotic locations.

5.  Prepare for an Increase in Gay Travelers

More countries are legalizing gay rights and this is leading to a large number of gay travelers looking for gay friendly vacation rentals. There are already several websites promoting gay travel so the inclusion of gay friendly facilities is set to rise in 2013.

6.  Increase in vacationers using RV (Recreational Vehicles) and mobile homes

Experimental travel in something that’s already being experienced and has been around for over four decades but 2013 is expected to see a sharp rise of people who want to vacation with a luxury RV. This will result in high demand for these vacations travel vehicles. Vacation owners seeking quality travelers can benefit if they provide their guests with such modern luxuries as well.

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  • Peg

    I rent an 800 square foot guest house on waterfront property that accommodates a maximum of 6 people. I am finding that couples are 80% of my summer rental business. Item no. 3 above is very true.

    • VacationCluster

      You’re rite Peg, the trends become change to stay in hotels to vacation rentals for holidays.

  • Due to our remote location, we generally attract the gay crowd and I’ve been exceptionally pleased with them – fantastic groups of very kind individuals so in reference to 5. Prepare for an Increase in Gay Travelers – where? how? what websites?

  • VacationCluster

    Hello Ruth, I checked your website, and found that your website target particular location all around the world. Yeah you’re right gay crowed attract to Greece and for increase in ration of Gay travelers we can help you, if you want.
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  • You missed out on pet owners. In a report by the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are over 70 million pets in the US and 63% of their owners see their pets as family members. Vacation rentals give them the opportunity to take their pets on vacation with them so the more pet-friendly home owners can be the more they can hook into this valuable market.

  • Max

    I agree, good topic
    We at http://www.villa4vacation.com see huge increase in demand for vacation rental homes lately

    • Thanks for like our Blog post on developments on vacation rentals industry in 2013 and yes you’re rite the demand for vacation rental homes increasing and giving competition to Hotel industry.

  • Home vacation rentals are on the rise due to its ability to provide hotel-like services without getting too rowdy.

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