6 Steps of Reviews that Bring Customers Closer

With numerous consumer review websites in force, it has become very easy for people who have stayed in your vacation rental home to post their feedback on the web. However, if these reviews are scattered on multiple sources instead of one consolidated space, it becomes difficult to use them as the basis for promoting your rental.

Positive Reviews from Guests

If there are some pleasant reviews about your rental, you must definitely make sure they are visible to an entire community of those seeking a vacation rental around your area. You can do so by collating all posts to a single channel that renders a good amount of visibility to them.

Here is how you can bring reviews closer together:

1. Keep a constant tap on what, when and where people are writing about you

A constant awareness of all that is being written about you will place you in a good spot to pick the best among reviews and highlight them judiciously to entice new customers.

2. Do not copy the reviews from third-party websites to your own

Copy and pasting from one website to another is usually not legitimate. You can face charges of plagiarism or other copyright issues. So avoid copying even if you see a brilliant feedback on your rental.

3. Place links to listing sites on your official site

Although you cannot copy, you can still utilize the power of placing links of web pages containing reviews about you on your personal website. An array of links to some really positive reviews will fetch you a good amount of publicity with minimal time and effort.

4. Encourage customers to post on your web site in the first place

Place the URL to your website in as many convenient spots as possible, and make it fast and convenient for your guests to log on to the site and write their feedback. Allow and encourage guests to post pictures of them at your vacation home for an enhanced impact. You can then highlight the same reviews and snaps on your home page or on other conspicuous spots on the website.

5. Request customers who have posted a positive review elsewhere to re-post on your rental’s website

In case you find something on a public forum or listings site that you would genuinely want to see on your website, it is best to request the writer of it to post the same again on your site. Chances are that a happy customer will not be hesitant to spare a few minutes to oblige you by re-posting.

6. Keep sufficient offline paraphernalia to allow guests to write reviews before they leave

A board for writing personal, signed messages, a book of feedback, or sticky notes – choose any method that is quick and easy for your guests to write something about their experience at your vacation abode. You can take pictures of the same and post online on your website for other potential customers to see.

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