6 Things You Didn’t Know About Vacation Rental Owners

If you are contemplating to booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel for your next trip to a place, get yourself acquainted with some tips and tricks about vacation homes. They are way different from conventional hotels or inns in the way they operate. Owners of holiday houses might usually not be corporate honchos implementing top-notch business strategies. Getting to know a little about how this industry work can let you grab drop-dead discounts and freebie services on your deal.vacation home owner

Here are the top 6 secrets about owners. Read them, understand them, and use them to your advantage to have a pocket friendly vacation.        

There is more room for cost negotiation in vacation rental settings that in any other lodging arrangement

Hotels are more or less fixed in their tariffs and services at each level; holiday houses are not so and therefore offer an excellent opportunity to negotiate. The key is to know where you can negotiate. The coming sections talk of ways to get those coveted bargains.

Being an easy guest is the best way to get more discounts

Most owners have an extreme affinity towards easy-going guests. Easy guests are the ones that give the owner the least amount of trouble by not making unnecessary calls for minor things, not asking for urgent arrangements, and by taking good care of the premises while they are staying there. The more easy-to-handle you appear, the more likely it gets for you to avail discounts.

Long stays equate to lesser per day costs

If your stay is longer than usual, you can ask the home owner for additional discounts. The reason they will agree to offer you a good bargain is that check-in and check-out are relatively stressful times for the concierge and other people involved. Also, looking for more guests amounts to more advertising costs and additional formalities. So a single party staying longer is easier and less costly to home owners.

They are ready to charge much less on weekdays or low-traffic months

While this one may sound usual, most people miss out on it while planning their vacations. If it is possible for you, make travel plans for mid-week days or during months that are considered off-season for tourists. However, if it is a place that is best enjoyed during weekends or high-tourist traffic season, don’t ruin the fun by going off the course.

Words matter

Property owners are influenced by polite inquiries and decent mannerism. It is indicative to them that the guest would be easier to accommodate and will not cause intentional harm to the property. If you treat the them nicely, you may just end up paying lesser than the others.

If you want to get incredibly low tariffs for your next visit, refer someone to the home

This is applicable to those who wish to visit the same place and the same accommodation again for their next vacation. If you send another friend or family there on your referral, you can make more money on vacations for booking rentals and also will be liable to get much higher discounts on your future trips. In fact, you can even ask the owner in advance for discount offers for referral.

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  • I love guests who return. I always give those guests extra special treatment and I always add a few
    complimentary vouchers with their Welcome Gift Basket they receive upon check-in.

    I look forward to returning guests who left my cottage rental neat and clean
    which most of them do.

    • VacationCluster

      Yes Maria return visitors are the first choice for owners, who aware about their travelers and keep your rental neat and clean. Also you don’t need to tense about booking and find visitors/travelers for your rental. They will book with calendar availability.

      So, its good sign for Owners and they give special treatment and discount on their stay.

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