7 Great Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental For Winter

Winter is here, and it’s that time of the year to prepare yourself for some colder temperatures. Well, what about your rental property? Have you thought of ways to prepare your vacation rental in advance so that you don’t get any negative reviews from a few mistakes? Here are few useful tips to successfully prepare your property for the winter.

tips to prepare vacation rental ready for winter


Top 7 Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental For Winters


1. Get the repairs done first

If your rental property is located in an area where it gets extremely cold during winter, it is advisable to get all the repair work done. Try to find someone local and get the pricing for repairs. Getting all the necessary repair work done before winter arrives is a wise move. However, certain things are unavoidable, so keep the repairman’s number handy.

2. Check the pipes

To make sure that the pipes don’t freeze in the sub-zero temperatures, completely drain out the fountain/sprinkler systems as well as any outdoor pipes around the property. You can also winterize the outdoor pipes (unheated parts) and the common areas by covering them with foam pipe insulation. This is a very inexpensive way of keeping the pipes safe from low temperatures. If you are not going to rent your property during winter, then don’t forget to shut off the water supply to your washing machines or else the water lines attached to these valves might freeze up.

3. Check the lighting

Now that daylight will be less as compared to summers, make sure to check all the lighting fixtures in and outside the property. Replacing all the non-functional lighting fixtures is crucial. Also, don’t forget to use bulbs that emit some heat; creating a warm atmosphere inside helps in tackling the chilly nights. At the same time, keep a few extra bulbs in the house, just in case.

4. Scan the roof

A very important part of the house which many rental owners forget is the rooftop. You need to double check for any broken or cracked ends on the roof and the chimney that can come loose during a windy/stormy day. Check the gutters and make sure they are clear and free from any debris or dirt. If you are finding it difficult, then you can also hire a roofing contractor to completely check everything and do the required repairs.

5. Inspect your heating systems

Check whether the air-conditioning and the heating systems are running properly or not. Get them checked by an expert as well and make necessary arrangements to changes the filters if required. You don’t want your tenants to feel uncomfortable during their stay. At the same time, remind your tenants to maintain a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit whey they move out. Doing this will stop the pipes from freezing due to cold temperatures.

6. Keep it nice and tidy

It’s cold outside and you don’t want your tenants to feel uncomfortable inside. You have to make their stay a pleasant one (even with the freezing temperatures outside). Make sure you seal the windows and doors properly to keep the bugs and rodents out! You can even keep a bug killing product/mosquito repellents at a place far from the reach of children to provide a quick solution to the tenants.

7. Show your warmth

This depends on you! You can go the extra mile and provide blankets to your guests (a must if you don’t have a central heating system). It also makes your guests feel good and makes them feel that you are concerned about them. In case you have the budget, you can also arrange a hot tub for them. This will not only set your vacation rental listing at top but also, make your guests feel awesome!

Follow these basic tips to keep your vacation rental ready for winter. There may be other steps you need to take depending on the location, age and condition of your property. Share few tips with us in the comments section below!

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