Take Your Pet to these 8 Countries for an Ultimate Vacation

You can extend the joy and positivity of having your pet around, to your memorable vacations as well. If you haven’t traveled with your pet before, the process of doing so may seem complicated and challenging to you. However, the good news is that there are some exotic destinations that are highly pet-friendly. So by paying a few extra dollars and filling a few extra forms you can get your pet on-board your family vacation.

Taking your pet along on a holiday will not only bring immense joy for both you and your pet to holiday together but will also save you the anxiety of leaving behind your beloved in pet care facilities that may not be as caring to your pets as they promise to be.

Before deciding on where to go, you should consider a few factors like: the country being rabies-free, enough hotels that welcome pets, enough spaces and sights where you can take her and the right weather conditions for the breed you are raising. Keeping in mind all of these factors, we have put together a list of top 8 countries guaranteed to give your pet a nice and easy time.


Top 8 Pet Friendly Vacation Destinations


1. Switzerland

Switzerland is Pet Friendly Country

There’s beauty in every direction you look when you are in Switzerland. The breathtakingly beautiful walking trails, trains with panoramic windows moving through lush green hills, snow-clad peaks and sparkling blue lakes make the country a destination for an unforgettable vacation. The country loves pets and welcomes these adorable travel companions with open arms. A lot of trains also allow pets to travel free of charge within Switzerland. So whenever you plan a trip to Switzerland, include your canine in it.

2. Finland

Finland is Pet Friendly Country

If the thought of camping with your entire family including your pet in an exotic natural location appeals to you, the Finnish Archipelago will give you an opportunity for just that. On one of these isolated islands you can make a booking at a lighthouse and let the rhythm of the place delight your soul and senses. Besides the islands, the capital city of Helsinki is a must-visit when you are holidaying in Finland – it’s a perfect union of urban development and thriving nature and few other cities across the world can match that. In addition, you can take your caravan to the Finnish Lakeland, which is replete with long sinuous eskers and drumlins.

3. France

France is Pet Friendly Country

France offers an unlimited number of getaways and a lot of them are extremely pet-friendly. It would be a doggy’s dream walk to go along the Canal du Midi and feast his eyes on brilliant landscapes on the way. The greenest city in France is Nantes, and for a traveler going with pets, it’s a sheer delight. Another excellent place to stop by in France is the la Camague – it is the biggest river delta in Western Europe and attracts numerous domestic and international tourists, many of whom are accompanied by their pets.

4. Germany

Germany is Pet Friendly Country

Germany’s nature-preservation is quite as good as the country’s technological excellence, if not better. The number of huge parks and nature reserves, most of them open to pets, are a perfect place to spend a fun and relaxing vacation. A great number of restaurants in Berlin are thoroughly pet-friendly. The splendid beaches of the Baltic coast also give you and your companion ample opportunity to play, rejuvenate and relax. Hike lovers should make a walk through the Bavarian Forest a part of their German itinerary with their pets.

5. Spain

Spain is Pet Freindly Country

Spain has gained immense popularity as a tourist destination over the last few years, for, it offers the best of beaches, hills and culturally rich cities all in one country. Pet-lovers can add to it their own reason for traveling to Spain, that is, the ease of navigating through the country with a happy little companion. If you love camping, go to the divine rustic location of Lagos de Somiedo and spend a few therapeutic days with your pet. Andalusia offers a great bit of enjoyment to aficionado of architecture and archeology.

6. Norway

Norway is Pet Friendly Country

Norway is a rich and happy country to go to, and it makes sure your pets can have their share of enjoyment. Trondelag offers excellent outdoors for hikes and additionally offers sumptuous cuisine to gorge on. Oslo is replete with art, culture, remarkable architecture and natural surroundings. And if fishing is your things, there’s no better place than the islands of Lofoten to go to with your pet.

7. Sweden

Sweden is Pet Friendly Country

If your doggy loves to go fishing, take her to Bergslagen for a holiday she’ll enjoy to the hilt. Do make the capital city of Stockholm a part of your trip for its immense beauty and spending a few days exploring the exquisite archipelago. Another must-visit on the list is Jonkoping, better known as the ‘Pearl of the Lake’ or the ‘Jerusalem of Sweden’.

8. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is Pet Friendly Country

To marvel at the extraordinary medieval beauty of the city of Prague and to see milestone sites such as the Astronomical Clock, plan a trip to Czech Republic and don’t hesitate in taking your pet along. In addition to Prague, include other attractive places such as the Renaissance town of TelA. If you love to walk, walk all the way from Prague to Beroun – both you and your walking companion will love it.

Let the therapy of travel be even more enhanced by living it through with your pet. Explore the above-mentioned destinations and add your own favorite pet-friendly places to the list. May all your vacations be sheer bliss!

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