8 Tips for Protect your Security Deposit when Renting in Vacation Home

To stay in a vacation home it is imperative to pay a security deposit. This is an amount that most vacation home owners charge from the occupants as a compensation for any damages that may occur during their stay. The security deposits are not cheap. This is because when somebody is entrusting you with their major financial asset to which they are emotionally attached and financially dependent there has to be a cost for it.

So, you may be asked to deposit about $200 to $500 depending on the type of vacation home you choose. And, unfortunately, most of the time, it is not an easy task to retrieve the security deposit from the owners. This is because there are certain laws that the occupants must follow and sometimes in the urge to enjoy vacations these rules are ignored. But if you by abide the rules, getting the security deposit back should not be such a big challenge.

To help you safeguard the security deposit, mentioned below are some vital tips that you must keep in mind when renting a vacation home.


1. Know everything about the rental’s fees and deposits

It is good idea to understand the deposit and rental fee in detail before hiring a rental. Bringing clarity in the deal can help you in avoiding unexpected expenses and save you from paying more money than you expected. Most of the owners of the vacation rentals charge a non-refundable fee for pets and cleaning, etc. So, it is good to know about the guidelines and structure of the fee from the vacation rental owner before moving into it.

2. Check for any issues in the property on arrival

Instead of directly unpacking the suitcase upon arrival to the vacation home, you should take a few moments to inspect the property. Make notes and take pictures about any issues or complaints regarding the property. Let the owner know of it immediately by making a call so that you are not held responsible for the damages. It is also a good idea to email the owner so that you have a documented proof of the situation.

3. Familiarize yourself about your rights regarding rental security deposits

It is good to know about few laws about rental security deposits and rights of the occupants. It can help you stay guarded in case the owner tries to play some tricks. In general, the property owners must not hold the security deposit more than the given time period, which can range from 14 to 30 days. If they hold the amount in case of any alleged damages, they must give a detailed list of it and the amount they wish to withhold for its repair. In some countries the owner may have to submit the receipts of the spending, which were used from the security deposit for covering the damages. For usual wear and tear or already existing damages, the owners do not have any rights to charge the fee from the occupants.

4. Keep any breakable things in a safe place

At vacation homes if you find any decorative pieces or items which are delicate and potentially damageable, store them in a safe place. By doing so you can protect yourself from unnecessary damages and the fees associated with it. This step is especially applicable in case you are with vacationing with children and pets as the chances of destruction are more.

5. Abide with the rules stated in the contract

It is important to follow the rules stated in the contract to ensure you get back the security deposit without any issues. It means when the agreement specifies any specific number for guest or doesn’t allow pets then it is good to follow it. Because some rental contracts allow owners to hold the deposit if the occupant violates rules, even when there aren’t any damages on the property.

6. Disclose any damages done

Damages are normal, so if they occur be bold enough to accept them. Show willingness to replace or resolve them by contacting the property owner or company. It is not a big deal to manage small replacements and by doing so you can ensure getting back your security deposit.

7. Keep the property tidy while checking out

Though most of the vacation homes have housekeepers, and they state that housekeeping will be done after your check out, it is good to tidy up things in the property before leaving. This helps you to avoid facing problems like extra cleaning fees. Besides, it prevents owners from looking for reasons to deduct your security deposit.

8. Opt for insurance policies

It is good to go for travel insurances that consists of Security Deposit Protection and Accidental Rental Damage. This can help in managing the damages with a small fixed fee rather than huge repair bills.

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