A ‘Pin’ to Get Your Business Sprinting!

Anything that lets you maximize the visual appeal of your property can help your vacation rental business thrive, and Pinterest does just that. Pinterest is a new and fast popularizing website that lets you ‘pin’, or bookmark pictures that you like. You can pick any number of pictures from your website and pin them for others to see. People can follow you if they wish, and you can follow the pinterests of others through the use of this amazing website.

Market your Vacation Rental on Pinterest

The several benefits of using Pinterest are:


1. It’s Free of Cost

Unlike listings, where you have to pay an additional amount for uploading a large number of pictures, Pinterest lets you do it for free. You need not pay a single penny and still use Pinterest fully and safely for all your rental business needs.

2. There’s No Limit to The Number of Photos You Pin

You can pin limitless photos of your rental property and the areas around it to create a powerful presence. Pinning and updating can go on continuously, without having to go through any editing or long online procedures. The more you pin, the more business you get. Just make sure that all your images are high in quality and are appealing enough for prospective guests.

3. You Can Add Notes for Each Picture

An image described by well written notes is a recipe for evoking interest among people. You can even hire a professional to manage your pins and associated caption writing. Great words and great snaps will go a long way in winning over new clients.

4. You Can Request Your Guests to Pin Their Personal Images at Your Place

In case your renters are tech savvy (most are) and are ready to use Pinterest, you can politely request them to take personal pictures of themselves having fun at your vacation rental and then pin the best ones along with appropriate notes. More people would be attracted to your rental if they see personalized images like these.

5. Pinning Images Is Very Convenient and Quick

And you can pin all of these images just by a few clicks! It is as easy as marking a bookmark or marking a web page as your favorite. You click to pin it, and all your followers will directly be able to see all your latest pins without any hassles. Pinning certainly is like a child’s play, but has the benefits of exceptionally strong marketing.

6. Available on Apple and Android Platforms As Well

Pins on your computer, pins on your tablets, and pins on your smartphones, there is no gadget left where you can’t conveniently create pins or see the pinned images of others. So whenever you take an exceptionally good picture of your vacation property, just pin it and immediately make it visible to thousands of users.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use the best of your property’s pictures to publicize the place on Pinterest, and other social media websites as well. You will soon start getting responses from tourists and others interested in renting property in your area.

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  • Informative article, thanks. There are many advantages to using Pinterest for vacation rental industry – whether house, neighborhood, local beach, etc. Our vacation rental business uses Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/weneedavacation/) and we encourage our homeowners to create a board for their rental house. Here is our Homeowner Blog post on Pinterest: http://blog.weneedavacation.com/2012/10/15/pin-your-rental-to-promote-on-pinterest/ Happy pinning! ~Becky

    • VacationCluster

      You’re absolutely rite Becky, Pinterest is growing very quickly in travel industry and other market also. I have seen your profile in pinterest, its amazing, impress with your activities. You can also view our http://pinterest.com/vacationcluster/.

  • I use Pinterest. It is not my most favorite photo-sharing website but it’s one of the most ideal social media websites for vacation rentals. For as long as you’re using it consistently like for example uploading at least three different photos everyday in one or two pin boards, it can surely drive natural traffic to your website.

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