Advertise Smart to Gain Effective Returns from Your Vacation Property

If you are lucky enough to own a vacation home in a tourist hot-spot location, you can make good money out of the property by letting it to tourists on days when you are not using it yourself. People are showing huge preference for vacation home over hotels these days as it offers privacy, relaxed homely atmosphere and cost effectiveness for travelers traveling in large groups.

The key way through which you can attract tourists to your rental is to advertise your property well and strategically. Though there are several advertising avenues available on a premium a lot many are available for free or at a nominal fee and are quite effective as well.

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This post offers you some sure-shot ways of effectively promoting your vacation rental property.


1. Promote it amongst friends and relatives

Let your friends and acquaintances know about your vacation home, its locations, features and that it is available on rent. Tell them clearly that you are using the property for commercial purpose so nobody expects you let them out on a complimentary basis. However, you can promise them attractive discounts so that they feel good that you honor their association

2. List your vacation property in vacation rental websites

There are several useful websites like that allow you a basic vacation home listing for free. Others charge a normal fee to help you advertise your property in a more descriptive manner. Choose popular sites to advertise your property. Quote an interesting description of your property and post nice pictures to gain attention. It is advisable that you create new description for individual sites and post high resolution pictures taken in a good weather. Make sure you include pictures that show the best features of your property.

3. Make a profile of your property in social networking sites

A good way to promote your property is to create a profile in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You can ask your friends and people in your network to like your page. You can update your page on a regular basis to keep the interest level high. You can also ask your vacation home guests to write about their experiences in your social networking page. Positive testimonials will help to create a positive impression amongst travelers.

4. Create a website

There are several online platforms that allow you to create a simple website at reasonable rate. They provide you templates and simple instruction so you can create a website on your own. You can give detailed description of your property and include several pictures that highlight the best aspects of your vacation home. If you find it tough to create a website you can take help of a designer or web developer.

5. Place adverts in your target location

Identify city or town from where vacationers frequently come to visit the area where your accommodation is located. You can advertise your vacation home in local newspapers and travel magazines of that city. During holiday season, you can also distribute flyers in your target locations and seek attention of prospective tourists.

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