Amazing Vacation Rentals for the Physically Challenged

If you are a fun-loving person and love to travel to new places, nothing should be able to keep you from doing so, even your physical disabilities. A vacation rental home that is especially equipped for physically challenged people lets them enjoy a lovely holiday without the hassles of having to adjust in a place meant for ordinary folks.

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When looking for the ideal home for a physically challenged person, look for the following features that can make the stay comfortable for them:

Home with a flat structure

A house which is preferably on the ground floor and has a flat structure is convenient for a person on a wheelchair to move about freely. Look for houses that have few to no staircases. Even if rooms are not on the ground level, there should be an elevator that can easily accommodate a wheelchair.

Shelves, furniture, and electronic fittings at a lower level

If all the fittings and furnishings are done keeping a lower height in mind, the home becomes very friendly for a wheel chaired person. It keeps them from feeling dependent on someone else for their basic everyday chores.

Doors that allow a wheelchair to freely pass

Some homes have very narrow doors that make it impossible for a chair to pass while the person is seated. The setting makes it hard and time-taking for a handicapped person to get to their room. So scan all doors and entries in advance.

Bathrooms with handrails and wheelchair friendly equipment

Bathrooms are vulnerable places and need to paid special attention if you are taking a handicapped member of the family with you for the vacation. Low fitted handrails, faucets and shower fittings are essential.

Ask for a personal nurse if need be

If you feel you need a nurse or a personal attendant to look after the handicapped person, you can ask the handicap equipped vacation rental to provide you with one. The nurse can accompany you to the sight seeing spots as well and can take good care of the person in the wheelchair.

Some vacation houses are designed with careful precision and under the guidance of experts who make the place apt for handicapped people. To search for a variety of such homes in a variety of locations, log on to, a web portal dedicated to helping you find the perfect holiday haven for you and your family.

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