Exotic and Kid-Friendly: Top USA Destinations for Family Vacations

Every child looks forward for a vacation and every child has an own individual dream about spending their holidays with their parents. There are some ideal kid-friendly locations that make their vacations all the more memorable. Children tend to remember the good times they spent with their family even in their adulthood. They all come back to them in a full circle.

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a place which entertains people of all ages. For kids this might be a great place because one can camp here and live the real American experience. Camping, trekking, river rafting and kayaking are all very exciting for children. When they start at a young age, they take a natural liking for nature. There is more to the Grand Canyon than one can imagine. There is an abundance of natural history that has to be explored. Several native Indians lived here from time immemorial. They carved caves in the Canyon. Visiting these relics can be a mind blowing experience for kids.

Cedar PointCedar Point

Cedar Point is an amusement park in Ohio. It boasts of the world’s fastest rides. Speed is what thrills children. There are several rides here suited for the youngest to the oldest of kids. There are more than 17 roller coaster rides to thrill children. Moreover, there are water-based theme parks. All of these put together can make an ideal vacation for a kid. A child can explore varieties of rides in this theme park and have a great summer vacation. Every child wants to chill in water pools when it is summer time. Cedar Point has all the fun for a kid and an experience that is fun filled and truly memorable.


All kids love animals. There is a perfect tandem of understanding between them. Sea World in Orlando FL, is the perfect vacation spot for a child. There hundreds of species of animals, which include animals from Africa and aquatic animals. Kids will enjoy the experience they have viewing these animals. Moreover they also have an opportunity to interact with these animals.


All kids love chocolates. Hershey facility in Pennsylvania invites kids every summer to explore their factory. There are several interesting events that they organize. They take kids on a tour of the entire chocolate manufacturing process. Also, at the end of the trip kids get several goodies from Hershey’s. This is one kind of a trip that every child will look forward to in their lifetime.

DisneylandDisney world

Disneyland is located in California and Florida as well. It is one place that every family with children wants to go to. There are hundreds of exciting rides and there are carnivals where their favorite cartoon characters go to the parade. It is a magical place. Magic Kingdom is a world by its own. There is so much magic that children start believing in fairytales and also that Santa really exists! The Animal Kingdom brings the opportunity for the children to see animals from various parts of the world. It is not only an educating experience, but a thrilling one too.


A cruise is every child’s dream come true. A Caribbean cruise can be enormously adventurous. The cruise takes you from the Bahamas to the Bermudas. Kids swim with harmless dolphins and explore the sea world. This can be a chance for real time interaction with animals in the sea. The blue pristine waters are very welcoming for the kids. In summers all kids want to do is to frolic in water.

These are some of the fascinating destinations that offer kid-friendly activities, but can also be enjoyed by adults.

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