Top European Countries To Visit In September

September is the best time to explore the natural beauty and attractions in Europe. By September, the peak tourist season is over, so you will not have to tolerate crowds. Also, the temperature is perfect to make Europe an attractive destination in fall.

Here are some of the must see European destinations in September.


1. France

Visit France in September

This is perhaps the only vacation destination in the world that allows you to enjoy lip smacking food and flavorful wine together. France is definitely the temple for gastronomic delight. The countryside is an oasis of vineyards, and September is the time when grape harvest happens. Wine festivals and events take place during the fall, and it is the best time to enjoy them.

The museums of Paris are a treasure trove of spellbinding paintings, while the plains of Aix can soothe the body and mind. The outdoor markets across France make it so easy to get fresh produce that you can pack a picnic hamper and enjoy the fresh air and lush greenery of the parks.

Be sure to sample local wines and cheeses at the fun and exciting Festival Jazz et Grand Vins de Bourgogne that is held in the wine capital of Burgundy – Beaune. You will cherish your September vacation in France forever.

2. Italy

Visit Italy in September

The very thought of Italy brings forth images of hospitality and warmth and the gorgeous Mediterranean climate. The peak tourist season in Italy is from June to the middle of September. By the end of September, the crowd becomes less and the weather is perfect for sightseeing and enjoying attractions.

The days are warm and the nights cool – ideal for sampling mouthwatering gelato. Head to Venice to enjoy the Regatta Storica at the Grand Canal or enjoy the movies at the International Film Festival and get a glimpse of famous actors, directors and other celebrities.

Of course, the churches of Italy are iconic and legendary, but the enchanting countryside is also an attraction that should not be missed.

3. Spain

Segovia, Spain

When you think of Spain, you immediately picture gorgeous flamenco dancers, quaint hillside villages and valiant bullfighters.

Spain is home to beautiful valleys, stunning cathedrals, lip smacking cuisine, rambunctious nightlife and awe-inspiring art, sculptures and paintings.

September is the time to revel in the life here where you can spend time in the Park Guell in Barcelona, participate in the Feria de Pedro Romero festival in Rondo or enjoy churros in Madrid. The balmy air and blue sky can mesmerize you without accosting you with the heat that is prevalent during the summer months.

4. Turkey

Visit Turkey in September

Turkey is a country spanning two continents, Europe and Asia. It is the perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyles.

The domed mosques with their soaring minarets, the vibrant bazaars selling gold and copper items and luxurious carpets, the palaces and the beaches dotting the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts can be rejuvenating and thrilling.

Come fall, Turkey is one of the best European destinations to spend time away from the rigors of daily life and recharge your batteries. The cool air is perfect for sightseeing and spending time in Istanbul and other cities, while the coasts have enough warmth to make sun-bathing a daily routine.

5. Ireland

Visit Ireland in September

The land of natural beauty and leprechauns has always fascinated visitors from the world over. The charm of Ireland is difficult to resist, especially with its vibrant and lively pubs and welcoming locals.

September is the time for music festivals that are held across the country. While it could be raining, do not let that deter you.

Be sure to visit the Mecca of Guinness, the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, where you can not only taste the unique flavor of Guinness but also meet likeminded stout lovers. September is the perfect time to witness the unique Irish sport called hurling where you can watch the players play and practice for the Gaelic Athletic Competition.

6. Austria

Visit Austria in September

Austria has held on to its traditional roots, and that is what makes this country a superlative fall vacation destination. The parks with their marionette shows, the cafes offering delicious pastries and the sight of Lipizzan stallions prancing to Mozart minuets can be heartwarming.

This is a country that embraces the elegance of the bygone eras wholeheartedly. The cleanliness of the city and the ability to hire bicycles in Vienna is truly worth exploring.

September, when the weather is just cooling down, is the perfect time to discover and cherish the beautiful medieval architecture, museums and palaces that serve as a reminder of this nation’s glorious past.

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