Top Best Nightclubs in the World

For those who want to have the night of their lives and lose themselves in the best of music and fun, this world can offer a night out with friends in one of the best nightclubs in the world.

Nightclubs are not only glitzy and glamorous, they also provide a carefree and fun-filled ambience, one in which you can totally forget about your work, your worries, your relationship stress and whatever it is that makes you feel distraught and simply relish your freedom and your being without feeling bounded or restricted.

best nightclubs in the world

Here are the top best nightclubs in the world where you can have the best memorable nights of your life.

Pacha Ibiza

You got to give yourself one night in Ibiza. You’re being deserves it and your life will forever thank you for it. Pacha Ibiza in Ibiza, Spain has been the best nightclub ever. The disco lights, five different kinds of music in five different rooms and the sparkling Spanish sky above- all makes for the most musical and soulful night. If you want to make the most of the night, don’t forget to try out the yummy cocktails and the food in Pacha’s restaurant!


If you want to dance the night away in a Roman styled club then go and check out Halikarnas in Turkey. The club offers an interesting mix of Roman architecture and contemporary interiors complemented by an interesting mix of music from all over the world. With no ceiling above, be prepared to enjoy the fresh air of your best Turkish night!

Green Valley

Green Valley in Camboriu, Brazil can give you what no other nightclub will- the best of world’s DJ’s and a lot of goose bumps! This open air nightclub with an average crowd of 8,000 people will take your breath away and will leave you feeling every bit enthralled and exhilarated. On top of it, the fantastic LED visuals and the flattering lights will only make it all better!


For something so inviting and compelling, one can really feel short of words to describe its magnificence fully. Fabric in London is definitely at the forefront of world’s nightclubs which offer unmatched electronic music experience delivered by the best of music aficionados themselves. An underground nightclub with top-of-the-class service, Fabric is a must-visit.


Privilege is the pride of Ibiza, the party capital of the world, and well-deservingly so. The nightclub offers the latest and the best in electronic, trance and house music and the ambience it provides is more than enough to help you feel energized and motivated about your life once again!

The Bank

Located inside the glitzy and sumptuous Las Vegas in the US, The Bank offers opulence in its finest form. The entrance of the nightclub will invite you with 500 crystal champagne bottles hanging down the ceiling and as you’ll be moving inside, you’ll be greeted by the most pleasing beats and music which will force your feet to tap their way into the night.


Cielo in New York is everything you expect in a nightclub along with a touch of sophistication and attractive subtlety. One of the favorites of renowned DJ’s such as David Guetta and Luciano, Cielo will blow your mind away with impressive sound and flawless service. It will give you the night you had always been yearning for while drudging away in the office.

Club Space

If the words Miami and DJ Tiesto are making you go mad already then head to Club Space. A perfect nightclub for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, the club offers enchanting music which will force your soul and body to dance until the dawn breaks out. Don’t forget to leave your worries behind by the way.

Le Batofar

A nightclub on a boat, right on the river Seine- what else could you ask for! If you are fed up of the usual nightclubs and want to explore something completely different yet fun and jazzy then head to Paris and visit Le Batofar which offers the best of electronic music in the most desirable and attractive ambience. The French really do know how to party!


Asian pride Zouk is located in Singapore and is one of the most prominent nightclubs in the world which introduced electronic music in Singapore and helped it reach the height of popularity where it stands today. The flashy disco lights, multi-level dancing floors and a crowd of more than a thousand people who are all ready to dance the night away- yes you just landed down in heaven!


Nightclubs can be huge – Berghain proves this! This club is inside an enormous power plant in Berlin at Rüdersdorfer Straße 70. You might think it would be easy to sneak into this huge place but getting inside this club isn’t that straightforward. The ambience will take your breath away as there are a lot of things to do apart from dancing. If you’re lucky enough to enter, make sure you remember which day it was.

Webster Hall

The country’s oldest nightclub, Webster has went through more rebirths and transformations than we can count. It serves as a concert venue, nightclub, a recording studio and a corporate events space with a capacity of 2,500 people – including the club. Considered as NYC’s premiere spots to hang out, the place has seen various legends such as Prince and Tito Puente perform under its roof.

The Roxy Theatre

Well, here’s a place which is loaded with celebrity performances. The venue’s smaller-scale bar called On the Rox has hosted numerous Hollywood parties over these years. From Linkin Park to Bob Marley to Jay-Z and Pee Wee Herman, this place has seen live recordings at the Roxy across all genres. The place has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy and have a blast.


Well-known for providing the backdrop to one of film’s (Babel) most unforgettable scenes, Womb is not much about its showmanship. This place is popular for its fantastic sound system which creates a unique atmosphere for the visitors. Opened in April 2000, Womb is located at 2-16 Maruyama-cho Shibuya-ku in Tokyo. With a line-up of amazing residential and international DJs, this place attracts a lot of tourists. There are 4 floors with 4 different rooms each of them playing different music.

Cavo Paradiso

Located on Paradise Beach in the city of Mykonos, Greece, Cavo Paradiso is an open-air nightclub which is on the edge of a hill near the Aegean Sea. People come as late/early as 7.30 a.m. to enjoy and chill out here. The place is built on stones and looks like a castle with a pool in the shape of Mykonos and there are 2 bars at different levels. The dance floor is big and right in front of the decks! The place is well known for its savoring sounds along with a unique mix of crowd.

So put on your glittery clothes, jazz up your face, leave all your worries behind and head out for one of the best nightclubs and have some fun!

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