9 Very Useful Tips to Increase Guest Satisfaction Level in Your Vacation Rental

As a owner of vacation rentals home, it is your responsibility to make sure your guests are happy and comfortable during their stay. This will not just help you retain your guests; but it will also help you grow your business. Happy guests will spread the word about your vacation rental and nothing works better than word-of-mouth advertising.


9 Great Ways That Will Help You To Increase Guest Satisfaction Level In Your Vacation Rental

1. Warm Welcome

Try and be there to welcome your guests upon arrival. Ask them about their journey and whether they could locate the rental easily. Create a rapport with the guests by making arrangements for drinks and some snacks. After driving down, this kind action will be highly appreciated by the guests. If you can’t be there personally, you can at least leave a warm welcome note for your guests, along with some eatables and drinks. Do call up the following day to find out whether your guests are comfortable or if they need anything to make their stay more comfortable.

2. Welcome Family Pets

Allow guests to bring in their pets and make an effort to make your vacation rental pet-friendly. Dedicate a corner of the rental for the pet and equip it with a basket, clean blanket, treats and squeaky toy. You will be amazed at how appreciative your guests will be over this thoughtful gesture. Also, provide them the number of a local vet just in case of an emergency.

3. Cleanliness

Renters love neat and tidy vacation rentals and a small stain can turn off a guest. So ensure that the property is clean and the interiors are spotless. A neatly maintained and clean property will attract more guests and you can be certain of repeat bookings and great reviews.

4. Provide a Local Map and Tips for Entertainment

Do not let your guests fend for themselves when it comes to leisure activities. Equip them with a local map and suggest activities in the vicinity that they can enjoy. Things, like hiking routes, attractions in the area, places to enjoy local cuisine and activities for kids and adults, will be appreciated by your guests, as it will save them time.

5. Shopping for Groceries

Inform the guests where the nearest place for grocery shopping is located and how they can reach it. This will be extremely helpful for guests who are arriving late and are worried about where they can buy provisions for making dinner for the family.

6. Towels and Bed Linen

Supply good quality towels and bed linen to your guests. Make arrangements for large and fluffy bath towels and soft bed sheets that guests can use during their stay. Many reviews of vacation rentals show that guests want good quality bath towels and bed linen and this can make or break their opinion about the vacation rental.

7. Entertainment when Weather Plays Spoil Sport

When guests come on vacations, they hope that the weather will be perfect throughout their stay. However, this may not always be possible. If the weather turns for the worse, your guests will be home bound and this can be frustrating. Ensure that you have board games, books and DVDs in the rental for your guests to use if the weather is not favourable for venturing outdoors.

8. Provide Equipment Guests May Not Bring

If your vacation rental is a winter destination, have snow shoes of different sizes for your guests to use. You can even throw in a toboggan and a few pairs of ice skates that your guests can use. If your property is located near the water and is a popular fishing area, ensure that there are fishing rods and tackle boxes for your guests. These are small gestures that your guests will appreciate.

9. Keeping in Touch

Keep in touch with your guests even after they depart. Call them up to let them know of the changes to your property to make their future stays more comfortable and memorable. If you are unable to call, send a personalized email to them thanking them for their patronage.

These tips will help you make your guests happy during their stay. Also, take their feedback and use it to make the necessary changes to your vacation rental, so that you will have repeat bookings and a high occupancy rate.

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