Determine What Type of Traveler Personality You Are?

The utterance of the word ‘travel’ evokes different pictures in different minds; for some it is an activity to enlighten themselves with worldly knowledge, while for some others it is the elixir of a bored soul. Read about the six categories of travel personalities below to figure out which one you are.

1. The Pleasure-Seeker or Party Lover

Party LoversParties, boutiques, rich wines, spas, and lavish hotels – the pleasure-seeking traveler wants everything first-class. These people love to pamper themselves on a holiday, which for them should ideally be loaded with parties, shopping, high-end restaurants, and luxurious saloon visits.

The Upside:

If you are an epicurean on a tour, you sure will get that necessary dose of rejuvenation. Splurging on a vacation, as long as you do it within your means, is a great experience, and you know how to live it to the fullest.

The Downside:

Although different places have different party-scenes or spa centers to offer, after a few such vacations, you may start sensing sameness in all your get-away.

2. The Compulsive Planner or The Seeker

Organized PlannerYou plan your moves well in advance right from the rental bookings to backup amusements in case a particular joint does not work. Some planners may even be finicky to the level of choosing their food menus in advance based on their preferences and the local delicacies of the place. A planner’s basic mantra is to extract the most of their time and money without having to facing a single disappointing moment on a tour.

The Upside:

Travelers who believe in intensive planning are likely to have comfortable tours, which accommodate all the best spots of the place in the time available.

The Downside:

If you plan too much, you tend to miss out on the exploration bit that is a cherishable experience in itself. You may not be able to visit the obscure local attractions that guidebooks and travel websites do not mention.

Therefore, it is best to allow room for spontaneity in your travel plans.

3. The Explorer or The History Enthusiast

History Landmarks

An explorer visits a place with the intent of absorbing as vast knowledge about its history, geography, culture and people as possible. He’ll want to visit the lesser known corners of the city, speak to the locals, entertain himself with the folklore of the place, and eat at the most authentic eateries around.

The Upside:

If you identify yourself with this category, you have the advantage of grasping some substantial facts about the world that your peers may not know. Your experiences are rich, memorable, and often help grow your mind.

The Downside:

A lack of orientation may cause you to spend a lot of time alone on the roads just searching for where to head. Furthermore, explorers, at times, land themselves in trouble visiting the rather unsafe places in a foreign land.

The tip for an exploring traveler is: keep your fiery quest for discovery alive, but do have a small backup plan in case things do not seem right. Be well informed about the social customs and mannerism of the place; talk to a trustworthy local like a cottage manager for credibility and safety before starting out on your adventures.

4. The Capturer or Photo Traveler

Photo TravelerCapturers like to capture places, people, food, Animals and art all in their little gadget. They visit the prettiest of places seeking the best of angles to click photographs that amaze their folks back home, and remain as fond memories of their tours. Always eyeing the world through their lenses, capturers often love to flaunt their enviable travel experiences before their friends.

The Upside:

You sure do get an amazing collection of pictures, which will decorate your homes and remind you of the awesome days spent on vacation.

The Downside:

Too busy with the camera, a capturer may miss some of the real fun.

The impression a place or an experience leaves on your mind is many a times longer lasting than a tangible snapshot of it. Some places are just meant to be enjoyed and not clicked!

Travel tip for you: Try incorporating some bit of exploration and seeking local delights besides getting your quota of touristy luxury.”

5. The People’s Person or Social Traveler

Friendly Traveler

The person who loves making friends, he/she visits places with a major interest in meeting new people and adding on to the exotic list of friends she already has. He/She is quick to start a conversation, exchange some valuable pieces of information about her own place, and make a vacation buddy who takes her to the best places the city has to offer.

The Upside:

Sociable tourists may get some substantial joy out of befriending local people or fellow tourists from other places. They get to learn from their new-found mates, share enriching experiences with one another, and explore some authentic local places.

The Downside:

You never know if you are touching chords with the right person. Popular tourist spots around the world, unfortunately, also have some anti-social elements lurking around in search of unsuspecting tourists.

So, do keep your flair for interpersonal interactions alive, but be cautious of strangers – do not visit isolated places, guard your drink, and beware of pretentious behaviors.

6. The Budget Traveler or Money Saver

money saver

Obsessively careful with your finances, you choose a vacation spot, a hotel and a season that gives you greatest value for money. You choose to go with the most frugal holiday packages, and use all the flight and hotel booking coupons that you may have saved over the preceding few months before setting out to travel.

The Upside:

Budgeting is a great way to prevent unnecessary expenditure, and you get some substantial savings, which you may use for shopping or other purposes.

The Downside:

You may end up holidaying in less than perfect destinations at a less than perfect time, in an effort to save a few bucks.

Therefore, it is recommended that you guys give a little thought to some real enjoyment besides planning the finances, for, real fun is simply worth some extra money!

Most travel-lovers would fall into one of these types; however, nurturing a uni-dimensional travel personality is not really the best idea. You must aim at imbibing the best elements of two or more travel personalities for a wholesome experience, and if this does not seem feasible, take a travel companion with you who complements your style of vacationing for an experience that both the parties rejoice.

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