10 Emerging Vacation Rental Industry Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

The rising popularity and the evident preference of vacation rentals over hotels of many a seasoned traveler is not unknown to anyone with the slightest interest in the tourism sector. Over the years, holiday homes have conquered the lodging industry, and their reign is here to stay. So let’s have a look at 10 specific trends that the vacation rental industry is going to go through in 2017.

Emerging Vacation Rental Industry Trends 2017

1. Traveler Interest in Vacation Rentals is Bound to Increase by Leaps and Bounds

Surveys on popular travel sites have shown that an increased number of people intend to spend their vacation in 2017 in a rental home instead of a hotel. The privacy, cost saving and cultural authenticity associated with living in a residential property account for this growing interest.

2. Service will Reign Supreme Alongside Cost Reasonability

In the past decades, staying in vacation homes was the realm of those who were seeking considerable cost savings in lodging. Although the reason does hold true today for many, but these days people are also looking for excellence in service when it comes to choosing their holiday abode.

A smart vacation rental manager and competent in-house staff are going to become a necessity if you want good leads for your holiday property.

3. “Vacation Rental Manager” Will Become a Covetable Job Role

As the focus on good service for holiday rental guests rises, so does the demand for skilled vacation rental managers. Besides the need for flawless hospitality, the requirement for managing multiple booking channels and other marketing projects will steer vacation home owners towards hiring sharp and reliable managers for their property.

And now, not just the owners residing far from their vacation property but also those living in the same city will need to hire property managers to get the best out of their investment.

4. Exciting Outdoor Activities and an Exquisite View Will Pique Interest

As vacation rentals become more than just about economizing, the demand for homes with nice gardens, outdoor activities and scenic views will rise tremendously.

5. Bookings Will Come In from the Telephonic Channel

Lending a voice to the glorious descriptions of your property always helps in engaging a prospective customer. People booking their holiday accommodations in the times to come will also recognize the advantage of a telephonic booking over a web based one.

Therefore, you may expect a good number of phone calls with relation to vacation rental bookings.

6. The Prevalence of Guest Acquisition Channels will Add to Cost per Booking

Third party acquisition channels will continue to remain between you and the guest. While some see it as a bridge for getting to their potential customers, others may argue against it due to the additional costs involved.

7. Longer Stays will be the Trend

As travel becomes more than just tourism with people showing the quest to do all the main activities involved with a place, longer stays in one particular area will become more common than before.

And guests seeking a long stay are extremely likely to go for a holiday home instead of a hotel. So vacation rental owners are in for a great deal of goodies!

8. The Peak Season Will Tend Towards Becoming Plateau Season

Unless the weather conditions and other factors are particularly uninviting, popular travel destinations are getting in tourists in a much wider time bracket, if not all year round. Likewise, vacation rentals will also get bookings and inquiries over a large period now compared to what they used to get in the past.

9. A Great Many People Would Like to Cook Their Own Dinner

Another point that rental managers can keep in mind while customizing the property for a most comfortable stay for their guests is that well equipped kitchens are going to be in demand. It’s not just breakfast but also dinners that many of your guests are going to prefer to cook at home.

10. Everybody is Going to Seriously Look at Reviews Before Making a Booking

Even though this one goes unsaid, we can’t stress enough on how important a good review is for fetching business for your holiday property. Do the best you can for making your guests happy and it will culminate into a chain of profits.

The business prospects are high for the vacation rental owners as vacation rentals will be more popular than ever in 2017. What’s more, travelers are also willing to spend more as they are also going to stay longer and demand more in terms of services and amenities.

So gear up your vacation home and do improve your property listings to grab maximum attention.

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