Enhance your vacation rental experience with Careful Planning

Staying in a vacation rental is a wise decision, especially when you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. In most cases, it is more economical than hotel rooms, offers a higher degree of privacy, and has some facilities that make your stay convenient. You can enhance the perks of a vacation rental even more by pre-planning the stay in a smart and efficient manner. 

tips to stay in vacation home

7 Useful Tips to Choose the Perfect Vacation Rental for Your Trip

1. Research about the property

When booking a vacation rental house, don’t be in haste. Search for all possible alternatives and ask for price quotes from all of their owners. View pictures of the property but don’t rely solely on them as pictures may at times look different from the home’s real state. So it is advised that you read online reviews about the home before booking it. You can also contact people who have previously stayed at the place and ask them specifically about the level of amenities and services that the home-owner provides.

2. See if it has all the amenities that you need

Make a list of amenities that you absolutely need and the ones that you desire. Then inquire whether you are getting all or most of them at your vacation rental. Save yourself any last-minute disappointments by making these queries well in advance. This way you will be able to book a tailor-made vacation haven for yourself.

3. Watch out for third-party accreditation

Since the vacation rental business has boomed significantly in the last few years and new vacation homes have mushroomed in most tourist spots, third party accreditation has become common. This is based on some fixed criteria and quality considerations. A home that meets the set specifications is accredited by third parties like the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Labels like these are often reliable and signify that the home is a decent one and provides its guests with good quality services.

4. Understand the payment requirements

Ways of making payments vary from owner to owner. Most require you to deposit a refundable security. And while booking in advance you may be asked to make non-refundable deposits too. Remember to take receipts for whatever payments you make.

5. Ask for important legal documents like business license of the owner

Authorized owners of vacation homes should have a business license. And they are liable to pay some lodging taxes by the laws of most states. Make sure you ask for these documents and book your stay with a genuine home-owner to avoid any troubles during your vacation.

6. Seek the services of a professional booking agency

Outsourcing your reservations to an authorized agency can help you save a considerable amount of time and effort. A professional will also have more experience using which they’ll be able to do a better job for you than you can manage on your own. Simply lay down all your requirements to the agency and websites like VacationCluster.com let them look for the places that would suit you best. Charges for these services should generally not be too high.

7. Pack your bags keeping the vacation home in mind

Vacation houses provide you with the convenience of washers, dryers, and kitchens. So pack your stuff in a way that can help you take maximum advantage of these. For instance, you can travel light by taking fewer clothes with you. It is safe to carry some detergent in case it is not already provided. Also you can enjoy your holidays in style and get vacation rentals at discount rate. As for cooking items, you can either take them along or buy them from the local grocer’s.

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