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The state of Florida is bordered by Alabama and Georgia in the north, the Gulf of Mexico in the west, Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Straits of Florida and the Caribbean islands in the south. It is the 4th most populated state, with Tallahassee as the state capital, and Jacksonville as the largest city. Florida has a very the long coastline – approximately 1,350 miles or 2,170 kilometers in length. The state has many attractive beaches which are very popular amongst the tourists for their soft sands and unique seashells collection. The coastal areas are a home to more than 400 species of exotic and multicolored seashells such as scallops, clams, olives, tulips, fragile fig shells, and the speckled Junonia which is very rare. The state offers some of the most enjoyable sea shelling related activities, also enjoy wedding celebrations or special event with breath taking facilities at beach villas of Florida. Beach vacations are great for relaxing and having a good time during the spring break season.

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Tourist attractions and things to do in Florida

Florida also known as the “Sunshine State” is one of the top ten tourist destinations and is visited by more than 75 million visitors each year. The state homes over 20 theme parks, 1250 golf courses, 17 zoos, and several water parks. The warm weather associated with plenty of sunshine and palm trees decorating the sea sides and ocean fronts makes Florida an enticing paradise on earth. A few popular tourist destinations and activities include:


The SeaWorld, in Orlando, is a home to an extensive animal exhibits section, and has one of the biggest aquariums in the world. It presents amazing shows exhibiting some of the most talented mammals in the world. It also promotes exiting roller-coaster rides which are enjoyed by families and kids alike. The SeaWorld is concerned about, and contributes extensively to the preservation of marine environment by its breeding programs and sea life conversation endeavors. It also educates people about the significance and importance of marine and aquatic life through its adventure and career camps.

Universal Studios Theme Park

The park includes more than 50 rides and many attractions. Approximately 6 million tourists visit the theme park each year. One can experience what it’s like going behind the scenes of one’s favorite TV shows and movies at the Universal Studios, Orlando. The studios support real-time film production activities and also include shows, movie sets, various types of rides, and many other kinds of attractions promising great fun and excitement for your family.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center “NASA” is the number one tourist destination in Florida. The one of its kind complex is very impressive and is a “must see” for all tourists. Latest IMAX theaters provide a shuttle launch experience that’s unforgettable for the small and grown-ups alike. Get the max out of Florida vacation rental offers by selecting a plan that suits you the best.

Busch Gardens Tampa

The gardens have over 2,700 animals inhabiting in specially created living conditions similar to that of Egypt, Nairobi, Stanley ville, and Timbuktu regions of Africa. Once can watch the animals by undertaking a safari style tour presenting remodeled areas of the Dark Continent.

Vacation rental advantages

A vacation rental is generally understood as letting out privately owned furnished apartments or houses to visitors in lieu of traditional hotel rooms on a transitory basis. It is usually include properties owned as “second homes” by individuals who want to get some extra income through their assets. Since various types and builds of homes can be offered for rental purposes, holiday homes can consist of a variety of living accommodations ranging from economical studio apartments to costly private villas and travelers can also pay online and be stress free to avoid vacation rental scams . Typically the rentals are offered as packages offering holiday cottages, condominiums, single family style homes, and town homes for a limited vacancy. Holiday rentals are more advantageous over hotel stay:

More selection of homes

As the properly is privately owned by individuals, the vacation homes are located in various counties and along the sea beaches. This provides a greater variety of residing options to vacationers planning to go in for vacation rental homes instead of renting a hotel room within the city.

Easily afforded

Vacation houses in Florida provide similar, and in many cases more facilities compared to the amenities offered by some of the popular hotels and resorts. The amenities do not cost much and are easily afforded. This makes rentals the perfect choice for visitors desiring to reside for more time but have limited budget.

Luxurious dwellings

Individuals desiring to go in for luxury dwellings can avail holiday rentals offering boats, chefs, exotic cuisine, private beaches, water equipment, personal attendants, and even air conditioned living arrangements at very affordable prices.

Amenities and facilities

For families and individuals vacationing on a tight budget, easily affordable rentals consisting of condominiums and apartments providing services similar to those available in resorts and hotels like housekeeping, front desk check-in, concierge service, 24-hour maintenance, etc make it possible to avail these facilities without spending a lot in terms of lodging and boarding charges. The visitors can enjoy some quality vacation time without having to pay high hotel charges.

Stay in remote places

Adventure seekers and sports lovers can rent motor homes and cabins in mountain regions and ocean fronts, and enjoy their sporting activities without having to commute from their hotels. At times such rental options make it possible to reside in places which don’t have any hotels or alternative living arrangements.

Stay for longer time

Beach villas are the most popular options for individuals and families planning to stay for extended time and enjoy the sea side to the fullest.

Searching for vacation rentals

It’s possible to search for holiday rentals in Florida in many ways. Newspapers and TV advertisements offer economical vacation stay in many parts of the state. Many real estate periodicals and magazines advertise private holiday rentals. One of the best ways to search for houses for rent is to browse the internet for property rental and real estate portals offering attractive rental deals. A lot of time and money is saved that way because one is not required to visit the travel office in person and check for available accommodations – the necessary information regarding the rental property can be easily obtained freely without having to leave your home or office. It’s recommended you check out the trustworthy sites eg. VacationCluster.com which advertising vacation rentals offering the best discount offers, and find what rates are offered by individuals. It’s imperative you decide and confirm the rates offered for the stay-in-period in order to avoid unwanted surprises which often result in higher staying costs and unaffordable accommodations. Once you decide on your rental option, you are required to fill an online booking form to book your stay. Make sure to get the online booking receipt and your payment confirmation note from the Credit Company or bank. One can avail any kind of accommodation supporting the budget if one can plan and book the stay in the correct manner through trusted agents and online booking sites.

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  • I took my family on vaiatcon this at year at Lake Havasu and stayed at this rental. I cant say enough about how pleased we were with the rental. It was really one of the best vaiatcons we have ever had largly due to the rental property and the variety of recreational activities just outside the door. We plan to come back during spring break next year 2012. As soon as we have nailed down the dates I will get in touch with you to reserve the place. What a beautiful rental and well worth the price we paid.

  • We usually do the hotel thing when we come to Havasu. My wife dcieded to check into property rentals just to see what the price difference was. We found your price and rental property a much better deal, not to mention the fact that the place was emaculent. I cant believe you would even rent a place this nice to strangers. We will definatly be back.Thanks

  • Hm I live in Des Moines too, but I am having the prebolm with finding a house. There just seems to be nothing in the area I want. Good Luck to you Check Craigslist. I found a ton of Des Moines stuff there. Also the Des Moines Register both online and in print. They usually have quite a bit!

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