Gadgets That Can Make Managing Your Vacation Rental a Breeze

GadgetsWhile some property owners stay close to their vacation rental and enjoy the advantages of proximity, others have to take long drive or even a flight to reach the rental. Thanks to advancements in science, owners can now look at technology to manage their rentals without being physically present at the location. Right from keyless entry to programmable sprinklers and security camera, there are many modern-day gadgets that you can use to manage your vacation rental remotely. 


5 Gadgets That Can Make Managing Vacation Rentals a Lot Convenient


1. Keyless Access

You no longer have to worry about having a lock and key at the front door. You can use Lockitron. This wonderful gadget allows you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door. You can give and withdraw access instantly, making it very convenient when you rent out your vacation rental continuously. Lockitron also works with older phone model too. The inbuilt Wi-Fi enables you to lock and unlock the door from any corner of the globe. You even get an alert when the gadget’s battery is low or when the door is unlocked.

2. Programmable Sprinkler System

The curb appeal of a vacation rental can increase with beautiful lush lawn and colorful flowering plants. This means you will need to water it every day. Sounds impossible if you are staying far away… Well, just make use of a programmable sprinkler system to water your garden and all your problems are solved. There are even sprinkler systems designed for rains and these systems switch off automatically when it pours. Life cannot get simpler than this!

3. Remote Thermostat

Nest has come out with a remote thermostat that collects data about the heating of your vacation rental. Using this data, such as insulation of the house and the temperature you like, it creates a thermal profile, making it a handy gadget to have. It even reduces the heating if the vacation rental is unoccupied and you can control it using Wi-Fi. This gadget can reduce your energy bill by up to 20 percent.

4. Security Cameras

If you are worried about the security of your vacation rental while it is unoccupied, install strategically placed security camera that send feeds to your smartphone or computer. One good security camera brand in the market is Dropcam which can be activated by sound or motion. It offers clear and crisp images, even at nights and comes with an intercom feature. If your guests are uncomfortable with the thought of security camera infringing their privacy, just ask them to unplug at arrival and plug it back at the time of departure. This arrangement should work well.

5. Programmable Lights

This is another gadget that can ensure safety of your vacation rental. Install programmable lights that come on at a specific time or work via motion sensors. Time-based lighting is perfect for holiday villas that are unoccupied as it gives an illusion that someone lives there. You can look at Z-Wave products that use radio waves to work and do not require any major setup. Using Z-Wave products you can synchronize them to other appliances and electronics in the house and this allows you to control them even remotely.

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  • We’ve recommended the Nest thermostat to all of our clients. Last summer, departing guests left the air conditioner on and the house was cooled to 75 degrees while it was over 100 outside for five days. Installing the Nest solved that problem and the unit paid for itself the first month it was there. We don’t work for the company or own any stock so we have nothing to gain in recommending it – it is one of the best items to come out recently to help vacation rental owners!
    Bert Simonis

  • Randall

    Does anyone have experience with Lockitron or any other remote keyless entry? Just wondering about dependability and any problems encountered.

    • Jan

      We use Schlage locks and thermostat control. From our home computer we set up a specific door code for each guest with a start and ending time. Housekeepers have their own codes that are always active. The only problem we’ve had is when guests arrrive a couple hours early and their code doesn’t work. When they call we can go to the computer and let them in if the cabin is ready.

      The thermostat can be programmed from our home computer and we can check the indoor temperature at any time.

  • The remote thermostat is a must have!

  • Elite Destination H

    Gadgets or no gadgets, there are still so many things that need to be managed by some onsite if you want to offer a truly exceptional guest experience.

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