How to Creatively Encourage Guests to Review Your Property?

Reviews are a big driving force when guests are deciding to rent a vacation rental property. Whether you are using a vacation rental portal to promote your properties or you have your own vacation rental website, a large amount of reviews that are largely positive will give guests a sense of confidence when renting.

Vacation-Cluster-Guestpost-ImageThe most challenging aspect of reviews are to get guests to write a review of your property as it can be time consuming. To ensure guests don’t take more time than necessary to review your property, you should send guests a direct website link to the review page of a portal website, or if you have your own website, send them a link to a short form that has the review questions outlined.

No matter how much you reduce the time it takes to write a review, a portion of your guests will be hesitant to take the time to write a review. A few creative marketing tactics we outline below will encourage those guests to take the leap and write a review:

Email Reminders:

The most common way to encourage guests to review your property is to send them a check-out e-mail after their stay. The check-out email should include useful information such as photos of the property and area for keepsake, links to local community pages, and a request to review your property. Be sure to state how important it is for your business to have guests review the property and let others know about their experience.

Best of all, you can save a significant amount of time by automating your check-out emails that include useful information and review requests with vacation rental management software.

Thank You Packages:

A creative and low-cost marketing tactic is to create a small thank-you package and send it to guests after their stay. When guests arrive at your property, have the greeter take a photo of the guests in front of the property. As part of the thank you package, you can include this keepsake photo of the guests in front of the property, a small token that represents the city, and a business card that asks guests to review your property.

This act of kindness will not only encourage guests to write a review, but will also turn guests into brand ambassadors who will be more than happy to refer your properties to their friends and family.

Business Cards:

Create a post-card sized business card, where the front features a picture of the property and the city, and in the back your contact information with a request to review your property. Encourage guests to take these postcards by placing them in a visible spot in the rental property, with a “take-one” sign next to it. Guests will be more inclined to remember to review your property when they see the postcard when they get home.

Utilize Social Media:

If you have a social media community on Twitter, Facebook or Google +, where you have a good following of past guests, be sure to send them a reminder to review your property through a status update or tweet. Again, remind guests how important reviews are, and be sure not to over-post such status updates as guests who have already reviewed your property will not appreciate constantly seeing your request.

Respond To Negative Reviews:

No matter how perfect your property and service is, you can still get negative reviews. Some of them might be a genuine complaint, but sometimes they can be misdirected anger that happened to be placed on your property review.

As hard as this is to believe, you can turn your negative review into a positive marketing tactic. Be sure to respond in a professional manner, thanking them for the review and apologizing that their experience was not as pleasant as anticipated. You can highlight how their negative review was based on a particular life-style preference, and use this to market to your target market. For example, if a family with a small child writes a negative review about the property being noisy at night, you can respond by highlight how the property is great for those you prefer an active neighborhood, and show them properties that are more family friendly for their next visit.

Do you use any creative tactics to encourage guests to write reviews on your properties? We would love to hear your experience as a vacation rental property manager on this topic, so be sure to comment below.

About Guest Author:

This guest post was brought to you by Francesca Nurlu, Digital Marketing Manager at Kigo Vacation Rental Software. Kigo provides vacation rental managers with industry leading reservation system, channel management and SEO websites.

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  • A poll by Nielsen called “Global Trust in Advertising” pointed out how 70% of prospects trust consumer opinions posted online, while 92% trust recommendations from people they know. Undoubtedly, reviews are fundamental in building a successful brand and so is word of mouth so taking the time to turn past guests into raving fans or ambassador of your home is very important and I can personally witness that with our own properties (, being featured in magazines worldwide and even on TV, thanks to the efforts we put in building our own successful brand from scratch.

    I particularly like your mention of the “Thank You Package” and that of the post-card sized business cards, although I spot quite a risk in asking guests to leave reviews without having developed some sort of “control” over the feedback you get ‘before’ it is officially posted online…

    One suggestion I’d like to share here is to try get a private feedback from your past guests ‘before’ asking them to leave a review. This should be done in the check-out email you mentioned, so you’ll get a feel for the kind of review they may later post and allow you some sort of control whether it’s wise or not to ask them to leave a review later on.

    Once you’ve reviewed their feedback and decide it’s worth asking them to publicly write about their stay at your home, you can limit the possibility they won’t leave a review because it’s time consuming by not only adding the link to either your own form or the site you want them to leave the review on (e.g.: HomeAway or Tripadvisor) but also by copy/paste the part of their previous feedback you would like to show publicly and specify how quick and easy it will be for them to just simply paste such comment on the link you give them, in case they don’t wont to add or write a brand new comment.

    This should solve the issue while limiting the chance you get negative reviews considerably and allow you to improve the service provided in your home due to the “previous” private feedback you collected.

    Feel free to check what I share on the topic here, for I am a strong advocate of reviews and most importantly of building your ironclad reputation for success:

    It’s a small insight I prepared for an interview I released to UK’s “A Place In The Sun”, which should be published soon.


  • Tip #2 is great! This simple act can always be remembered. Marketing-wise, the business card plays a huge role here. The card must worth-keeping and not too small in size to be forgotten.

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