How to market your vacation rental better with delightful images?

Want to generate more interest in your vacation rental property?
Here’s how you can grab the attention of travelers and keep competitors at bay.

Pleasure photography conveys the big picture

VIlla MariaMost of us tend to judge a book by its cover. This is particularly true when you’re looking for a nice, cozy (and not too-expensive) place to stay for an upcoming vacation. So you look for pictures that convey a sense of warmth – a place where you can lounge, cook, have long leisurely baths and feel right at home.

As the owner of a vacation rental property, you have all of 30 seconds to capture the interest of a potential customer. And while anyone can take a picture and post it online, the trick is to take mood images that stand apart in the crowd of immaculately styled hotel rooms with fabulous views.

How to craft the best mood images for your property

Alright, so you can’t afford a pricey professional for those fancy pictures. But you can definitely learn how to make the best out of what you have. That point-and-shooter can beat the best SLRs at their own game!

Dress up your property

Whether you own a chateau or a shack on the beach isn’t Piazza Navona Rome luxury apartmentreally important, so long as you can make it look desirable. WITHOUT making a dent in your budget, I might add. Decide on a theme for the entire place and make sure the furniture, pictures and accessories conform to it. Style up the tableware, window nooks and random corners with pretty knick knacks and elaborate flower arrangements. With a little bit of forethought and a reasonable amount of taste, your pictures will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin IslandsUse the weather

A sunny day might seem tempting but pictures are best taken in cloudy weather. The lighting is diffused and evenly spread and there are no shadows or harsh glares to deal with. Even a summer day can be turned to advantage – the best exterior shots are those taken just a few minutes after sundown, when the sky turns a pretty indigo and lends an ethereal glow to your home.

More pictures more inquiries

Make sure you take pictures of each room, the exteriors, the garden (if you have one) and the view (again, if you have one). Highlight the unique architectural features of your property. Don’t forget the kitchen and the living room – it helps to remind potential guests why a vacation home scores over a conventional hotel room. Try and include shots from different angles and vantage points, featuring as many areas as you can. This lends more credibility to your sales pitch and attracts more bookings.

An image can be more than a picture tacked on to a bunch of words. A well-crafted one tells the viewer that your house isn’t just another holiday accommodation; it’s a property with a personality.

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  • You’re absolutely right to highlight the value of good photography in giving your property a competitive ‘edge’ over another without such well-presented rooms. I’d go further and say that featuring statement wall art, especially of the coast or countryside in your area, will give you even more of a competitive advantage.

    The Town & Country Gallery believes in making it easy for vacation rental owners to buy ‘local art by local artists’. Please readhow hanging art on your walls leads to more bookings and repeat bookings.

  • I am now thinking how I can apply these marketing tips in Pinterest. I have loads of great photos but until now, I’m trying to figure out how I’ll make it more attention-grabbing once I upload them in Pinterest.

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