Make Your Vacation Property More Enticing With These Five Cues

Having a vacation home where you can escape to is a great idea for a getaway. Apart from spending quality time with friends and family away from the busy city life, you can turn your holiday home into a vacation rental and be financially rewarded.

tips to make vacation home appealing

To make your vacation rental more lucrative, it is important that you offer more than the basics such as bed and bath. Strive to exceed client expectations and outdo your competitors so your rental clearly shines above others.

5 Unique Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental More Enticing For Guests

1. Widely market online with high resolution pictures

With number of internet users increasing exponentially, internet is the perfect place to market your vacation rental. Launch your own website providing detailed information about the property, along with great visuals. Provide descriptive information about all the facilities provided, things to do and places to see in the area.

Attach the pictures of rooms, kitchenette, pool (if there is one), garden, terrace, etc. clicked professionally on high resolution camera to give an impactful first impression. Use social media to broadcast various offers on your property, particularly during off-season.

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2. Highlight your USP

Once you have identified the market you are catering to, emphasize on what you are offering. Your Unique Selling Point is what makes your property stand out from the rest. It could be pet friendly, family friendly with a special room with children’s games and toys, couple’s retreat having a Jacuzzi on the terrace.

Whatever it is, ensure that you highlight that aspect of your home when marketing it. That USP makes your holiday rental distinct from numerous others in the area.

3. Focus on hospitality

Having worn out furniture, chipped crockery, stained bed-covers, etc are signs of poor hygiene and lack of owner’s interest. To attract clients to come back to you, have furniture and rugs cleaned professionally and apply stain protector to keep them shining.

Pat attention to minor details such as clean toilets, bathtubs, bleached white towels and bed sheets, cobwebs removed from ceiling fan.

The travelers come for a short stay; hence they want things to be in perfect working order. Any repair and maintenance work such as non-working air conditioner or a leaky faucet needs to be addressed immediately.

4. Exceed expectations, not just meet them

Comfortable beds, neat bedding, clean bathrooms are the basic necessities that every other vacation rental provide. To be forthcoming, offer them above and beyond.

A free WiFi connection, television with multiple regional and international channels, kitchenette stocked with all kinds of cutlery, having a washing machine with detergent included, and refrigerator stocked with milk and basic groceries are few of the amenities that you can provide to your clients for a lasting impression.

5. No white lies

You may attract a customer once on the pretext of disguised information, but the travelers would be highly disappointed if the niceties and features of the property don’t match with what they saw on pictures. An unhappy customer leads to negative publicity. Show the actual pictures of property.

If your pool is run down, have it repaired, rather than putting a different picture to make it look lucrative. A renter might have booked your property because his children were excited to sleep on bunk beds shown on your marketing webpage. However, it can be really upsetting to find single beds installed instead. So make sure you deliver what you promise.

Long thing short, the only way to have a client book your vacation rental than the one across the road is to go an extra mile. Be extra generous, be extra providing and extra comforting.

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