Name Your Rental Home for Driving Maximum Business

The most majestic of homes have glorious names. Their names are as much their identity as their occupants or their physical appearances. On the same lines, it is a wonderful thing to name your vacation house. A name has the potential to do much more than you can imagine. It can even become your lottery ticket to success in the vacation rentals business. So do invest some time and thought in naming your adorable home in a lovely vacation destination.

Give amazing name to your vacation rental


Some common ways in which names have been shown to help in increasing rental traffic in vacation homes are:


1. To Help People Remember Your Property

A property with a short and simple name is easier to remember than the one with no name and only a line-long description on the listing. It gets easier for people to remember your home’s name and get back to you using the same. Also, your house becomes more noticeable on a list containing many other holiday houses if it has a name.

2. A Name Makes You Appear Professional

A nameless property may not be a bad one, but it certainly gives the impression of a lack of professionalism. On the other hand, a property with a well thought about name that describes the actual type and location of the house appears more professional. Tenants would naturally want to stay in a place that they feel would give them professional level of service.

3. Statistics Show That Rentals With a Name Get Booked More Often

Giving your rental an identity with the help of a name and also a logo, if possible, can bring in a higher number of bookings; statistics have shown the same in many areas. It is a low cost and low-risk measure that owner can take for enhancing your vacation rental business online. But do think carefully and choose the best name in the first go, because changing a name you have once got listed can affect business adversely.

4. A Thoughtful Name Shows You Care About Your Vacation Home

Names have the ability to convey how much you love your house and care for it. Most visitors prefer to deal with an owner who is genuinely concerned about the home as such a person will most likely offer better care and services to the tenants as well. Therefore, you must put in as much love and thought into naming your home as you would into naming your baby.

5. An Interesting Name May Entice a Traveler to Explore Your Property

People are more likely to move to exploring your website or making inquiry calls to you if they find the name peculiarly interesting. For example, a place known as “The Sunny Beach Villa” would evoke more interest and would instantly create a picture of a beautiful, spacious house on the beachfront.

Think of a great name for your rental home, because there certainly is something in a name when it comes to increasing business for vacation rentals.

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  • Vey useful suggestion here for any rental owner or manager. However I would also add that one shouldn’t personalise the name too much as guests don’t want to be reminded that they are staying in someone else’s home.

  • Angelo Philogene

    There are beautiful vacation homes located right near the ocean that are perfect for easy, leisurely beach walks and sunbathing without a commute or right in the middle of the city near all the hustle and bustle of the city’s sights and attractions.”

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  • Great tips! I work for a 12,500 sq. ft. home rental in Catalina Foothills. This exquisite house is known by its code, which is 5600 in North Via Elena. The 5600 becomes our brand and our identity online. If you’re going to google it plus the term “tucson,” you’ll immediately see our website and other social media platforms.

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  • Donna

    My concern is we really love our house’s name which is unique within the rental booking/management company we are using, but have discovered that it is used outside this agency in a VRBO listing. Can there be two homes with the same name – the homes are distinctly different locations (ours is oceanfront theirs is meadow views)? Or must we go back to the drawing board?
    We plan to incorporate the name within our decor highlights, while theirs is just a reference.

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