How To Be Safe With Using Site Online Payment System

Online Booking Site SystemToday, people prefer staying in vacation homes instead of hotels when they go on a vacation. This offers better value for their money and ensures that they have an authentic experience in any destination. It also allows people to invite others, who they meet and befriend during the course of their stay.

Having the freedom to have parties and relax by a private pool while having all the comforts of home is truly tempting. However, when you are booking a vacation home, you will have to make the payment in advance. This can bring a whole lot of doubts into your mind such as: Is the rental house really as good as the pictures online suggest it is? Who is the owner of the rental? Will I really have all the amenities mentioned in the description? Is the person receiving the money reliable? These are some questions that may plague you when you are paying for vacation rental.

You can protect your investment while also enjoying a fabulous vacation by choosing the right payment method. Thankfully, there are an array of payment methods that can protect you from scams and ensure you get what you paid for.

Credit Card

Today, many vacation rentals are accepting credit cards. This is one of the best ways to pay for your stay, as you will have legal protection for any transaction. Should something go wrong with your home or it was not up to your liking, you can easily call your credit card company and request them to reverse the payment. Of course, it is not certain that you will get a refund, but knowing that you will be able to file a complaint and submit the necessary documentation will give you peace of mind. In such circumstances, your credit card company will collect the money from the vacation rental owner’s credit card company. This can be a long procedure, as the two companies will first verify the facts. So be prepared for a wait.


While most vacation rental owners do not like to use PayPal for payments, there are some who do. This is similar to using a credit card. If you are dissatisfied with the vacation rental, you can request PayPal to reverse the payment. This mode of payment protects you more, as PayPal will be an unsupported service and the owner will not be able to defend himself. He will have to submit and PayPal will initiate the reversal after freezing the persons PayPal account.

Payment Through Escrow Companies

This is another good way to pay for your vacation rental. You pay the rent and security deposit using your credit card or electronic check and the money goes to the respective escrow company. The company holds on to the money until you begin your holiday. If you find the property not up to your liking, you can request the escrow company to withhold the payment and resolve the matter with the property owner. These escrow companies also can act as mediators to help you resolve your dispute and this takes place in real-time. Once the problem is resolved, the company will release the payment. If you are unable to resolve the problem, the company will help you find a different accommodation.

Check Payment

You may find some vacation home owners who accept personal checks. Although this a safe method with which to make payment for your vacation rental, you will not be able to recover the funds if you are a victim of fraud or a scam. It is prudent to remember that a personal check contains your address and account number, and if this falls in the wrong hands, it could be misused. Furthermore, the owner will not rent out the place until the check clears, so you cannot use this mode of payment for last minute vacation travel plans. It is best to use check payments when you are certain that the vacation rental owner is reliable and you are conducting a fee-free transaction.

Points to Remember

Never use cash, wire transfers, Money Gram or Western Union to pay for your vacation rental. Once you use any of these methods of payment, your money is as good as gone and you will never see a dime if a dispute arises.

It is also advisable to book vacation rentals through trustworthy websites, The site conducts a background check of the rental and removes listing of scrupulous rentals.

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