Tips to Get Your Vacation Rentals Listings Noticed

Vacation rental portals have become the most massively used tools among the people who use internet for booking their vacation homes. These have nearly replaced the older methods like directories and classifieds. Therefore, you are required to concentrate deeply on how you post an ad about your vacation rentals property on online booking portals.


Most often a visitor will see ad headlines and decide if they want to view the complete description,amenities, rental conditions and pictures of your property. However, many homeowners tend to make mistakes in writing their ad headline which directly affects the amount of visibility they get on their listings. Mentioned below Tips are two very commonly made, but easy-to-avoid mistakes.

Here are the 3 important tips for property owners to get vacation rental listings noticed.


1. Specifying the type of home you own in the headline

A suggestion on not mentioning the home type may sound weird at first, but it has clear logic and research behind it. This is because many a time people have misconceptions or biases about a particular style of house.

For example, some folks feel condos are less attractive than bungalows or villas. Others may feel that an independent villa may be offering fewer facilities than a house in an apartment building. In most cases these are just misconceptions.

The only way you can make things clear for your prospective clients is by demonstrating how lovely your home is irrespective of its built-style. But this is only possible when people click on your ad and see all that you have posted about your house.

So it is a wise choice to leave out the house-type from the ad headline. Try doing this and see for yourself the difference in the amount of traffic your web site receives after it.

2. Keep your Vacation Rental Calendar Up to Date

The most important part of your listing is your rental calendar. Make it easy: an updated calendar leads to more inquiries and booking requests. There are two options to update your calendar: You can manually change or update your rental’s booked dates regularly, or sync it with an existing calendar by importing the data from websites like Lodgify, Bookingsync and other similar sites.

3. Mentioning the number of bedrooms in the listings

Writing the number of bedrooms you have in your vacations home is another sure-shot remedy to drastically reduce the number of visitors that click on your listings’ link. Your audience is narrowed down if you give too much information in the ad headline itself.

People visiting the listings may be more inclined towards a house that comfortably sleeps more people, but it is also possible that they compromise on this part if they really like a particular house a lot. It is more important for you to show prospective clients how comfortable and unique your home is than specifying how many bedrooms it contains.

So even if the number of bedrooms in your house does not match the expectations of a particular visitor, they will at least have visited your page and may refer your house to another friend, or may be use it later when bedrooms are not a constraint.

Remember that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media are necessary technical step that makes your ad visible to a larger audience. So it makes sense to gain some SEO knowledge and write effective descriptions and headlines that get you noticed. The higher the traffic your web site gets, more are the chances that you will be able to enhance your customer base.

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