Use the Magnetic Power of Marketing for Your Vacation Rental in 2013

Marketing your vacation rental is no longer an adjunct strategy to enhance business; it is a marked necessity. If you want to make your rental the popular spot to stay which is always blooming with bookings and guests, you need to pay ample attention to its marketing – the art of making your product stand out in a domain filled with several other similar products.


Get your home on an online listing, if you haven’t done that yet

Deciding that you want to market your vacation home and taking the first step of getting it listed on a web portal takes you half way up the ladder of increasing bookings. Most people visiting a new place for a vacation would initially log on to the Internet and search for vacation homes in the area. Reputed vacation listings websites ensure maximum visibility on search engines. So your vacation rental becomes visible to a vast pool of visitors.

Now add the best pictures, videos, and textual information on the listing

Amidst several vacation homes in your area on a listings page, if you want yours to make a solid impression on the viewer, you ought to make it eye catching. Include professionally clicked photos of the house, try making an inviting video and upload it on the page. Provide information that guests may be interested in knowing, like season-wise tariffs, facilities available, connectivity to the major tourist spots and city airport, etc.

Make a website dedicated to your lovely vacation rental home

A personal website dedicated solely for your holiday house is a great idea to execute if you want to make yourself appear professional and genuine. Your website can hold much more than online listings. You can include a great deal of written matter like blogs and search engine optimized (SEO) content that makes your rental appear irresistible to any potential visitor. Talk about things to do at your home and also in nearby areas of the vacation town. Speak of the outside views from different areas of the house. Let people know the best seasons to visit and the necessary things to carry.

You may also request your guests to write testimonials and post them on the website. Prospective guests who read positive feedbacks will be interested in booking with you.

Use social media to its best advantage

Unlike listings and maintaining websites, social media is absolutely free of cost to use. You can create pages on your vacation rental on several different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and keep posting frequent updates on them.

Another advantage of using social media to advertise a vacation home is that you can connect directly with people who express interest in staying at your place for their vacations. You can add them as friends and chat with them personally. Answering queries and providing the most up-to-date information will put you in an excellent spot which is quite likely to lead to more and more fixed deals.

The key to great marketing is to highlight your best and connect with customers on a personal level. You will certainly enhance your appeal in the vacation rentals market if you implement all of this right.

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  • I am happy to see more and more property owners and managers
    are coming to see the power of a good video…


  • Floor plans are extremely helpful when choosing the best vacation rental. Not only can you view the floor plans at your leisure online, but they are also invaluable to the property management staff, as well. So, when choosing the best vacation rental, in addition to a picture, a floor plan is also worth a thousand words.

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