13 Significant Advantages of Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Vacation Rental vs. HotelAs vacation accommodation grows on to become something much more than just a place to sleep and shower, vacation rental homes, after holiday resorts, are becoming the next big thing in the tourism industry. What was a way of saving money on long stays in single area is now a beautiful experience in itself that countless travelers are seeking even for week long vacations. Vacation homes have a long list of advantages over hotels that make them really popular for family holidays.

13 Best Advantages of Staying in Vacation Rentals Over Hotels


1. They Let You Spend More Quality Time With Your Folks

Unlike a hotel where a large portion of time would inevitably be spent in one’s own private room, a vacation home allows the entire group to be involved in activities together in the common areas. You can cook, enjoy a movie in the living room, play games, and spend time in the outdoors without any restriction.

2. You Get More Space Compared To A Single Hotel Room

Getting an entire house to yourself with a lobby, kitchen, garden and other common areas make the stay incredibly more enjoyable than just fitting into a single hotel room. And when you are traveling with young children, the additional space is a particularly great thing to have.

3. A Home Affords You The Kind Of Privacy That A Hotel Never Can

Relax in the privacy of a vacation home just as you would in your own house. Vacation rentals give you the luxury to be ‘home’ even when you are traveling.

4. With The Different Kinds Of Rentals Available, You Are Truly Spoilt For Choice

You have a wider choice of locations, property types and budgets in vacation rentals than you do in hotels. An exhaustive search should be able to fetch you exactly what fits your requirements.

5. They Are Generally A Better Value For Money

This holds true when you are traveling with a big group. Splitting costs among the members ensures the maximum value for each dollar you spend on accommodation. Moreover, when staying in a rental, you can save money on meals and laundry by choosing to do a few chores on your own.

6. Each Home Has An Individual Personality That Makes It Memorable

If you like things with a unique character, vacation homes are perfectly your thing. They reflect the tastes of the owner, the local culture and have a human touch that many hotel rooms may lack.

7. The Feeling Of Being Home

It feels good to have an entire home to yourself even when on vacation. You can enjoy fun activities with your family in the privacy and comfort of a proper home, as opposed to hotels and resorts.

8. Traveling Is Easier When Your Destination Is A Vacation Home

The freedom to do your own laundry means you can pack lighter; the choice of cooking your own meals puts you at ease if you are wary of eating out every day. Therefore, traveling becomes a more comfortable affair when you book a vacation rental for your stay.

9. Kids Are Likely To Have A Better Time In Vacation Homes

When you rent a house, you can easily give the kids a separate room – so you can watch them without having to compromise on your own privacy. Also, many vacation homes are well equipped with amenities for children’s amusement, making it a fun stay for young ones.

10. Most Vacation Rentals Are Pet-Friendly

Finding a pet-friendly hotel is an ordeal; in addition, it is a really costly affair even after you do find a hotel that allows pets. Vacation houses, however, are much more likely to allow pets and that too at much lower costs. Therefore, if one of your indelible family members happens to be a pet, a rental home would be an excellent choice for you to spend your vacation.

11. The Extra Little Things A Home Has

Each vacation home has its own set of surprises to offer you. While one may have a library full of treasure, another may have media equipment that would make it worth spending a day in the indoors.

12. Homes Make For A Far More Memorable Stay Than Hotels

The uniqueness of a home makes it memorable. While the sameness of hotels may leave little to no impression on your memory, a vacation home will certainly make its mark owing to its individuality.

13. Homes Put You In A Better Position To Soak In The Local Culture

Hotels are touristy in their feel, service and many a time, also in their locations. But vacation homes on the other hand offer a closer feel of the local culture. And they are not necessarily located in the touristy parts of the town, so you can explore the locales with greater authenticity.

Take a chance with a vacation home stay and you’ll be marveled by the experience it can give you. For an exhaustive list of vacation rentals, log on to VacationCluster, and choose what suits you best.

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