Vacation Rentals offer better Tour Proposition over Hotels!

Vacation rentals have a distinctive edge over hotels, the later charging extortionately and failing to live up to tourists’ expectations. The volatility of the economy will never impact the rental business as every mortal being needs a much deserved break from his/her bustling lifestyle and rentals help them get a break without burning their pocket to a great extent.

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel


Let’s explore the top reasons that are driving vacation rentals to gain popularity over hotels.


1. More freedom and space

A hotel stay mandates adhering to stated rules and complying with hotel’s schedule in every realm, spanning from taking breakfast to checking in or out. This can test the resilience of your nerves as you are vacationing to relax and sprawl. Hotels restrict your free movement and you feel disinclined to spend longer time leading a cooped life.

Vacation rentals offer greater flexibility. It has lots of free space to afford a laidback vacation life for people who wish to stretch and sprawl lazily. Proceeding on a tour with a large group of cohorts or family members can prove economical with rental booking rather than spending a fortune on many hotel rooms. You can spend quality time in garden, lounge or patio of rental.

2. Affording a host of extra facilities

Hotel ambience is lacking the homey feel despite the management’s best efforts. Vacation home is equipped with fully accessorized kitchen, optional hot tubs, library with books to eat away your boredom, board games, laundry facilities, complimentary TV and wi-fi and other additional benefits.

3. Provides privacy

Hotel is crammed with overwhelming number of tourists presenting ample opportunities to rile you with overcrowded pools, constantly moving elevators, noisy guests and staff bustling about. Vacation rentals serve as excellent retreat to relax in a tranquil environment. Further, you are at absolute ease and need not worry about disturbing the sensibilities of other tourists. No one will ever complain about boisterous kids.

4. Situated at prime locations

In all likelihood, you are going to spot a rental nestled in the heart of excitement, located near strategic points of interest, offering firsthand experience of local culture, and yet shrouded in privacy. This provides undistorted feel of the place especially on foreign locations. Hotels are less likely to be situated in the prime locations. Most are offensively close to the hot spots whereas others tend to be drearily away from action scene.

5. Far more cost-efficient

Proceeding on a vacation itself involves spending generously on many incidental expenses coming your way. You will be wary of spending a fortune on accommodation and food. In hotels, you may have to move out of the campus to costly restaurants to have your meals if the hotel does not supply them. In a vacation rental, you can whip up a tasty meal with the ingredients at hand. All the essential supplies like oil, pepper etc will already be present there.

Rentals afford you the comfort of enjoying the company of your entire family together not separated by brick walls as in a hotel. You will find that distributing the expenses of the journey while touring with your cohorts or business unit is more cost effective compared to staying at a hotel. Rental owners are more likely to offer you a host of complimentary services to earn easy popularity and word of mouth advertising.

So if you are planning to buy a vacation home or turning your second property to a rental, you now know taking an affirmative decision can help you reap the benefits and make money by investing in Vacation Rentals.

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  • 100pct agree – excellent article /blog

    well done

    • VacationCluster

      Thanks Gary for appreciate our work.

  • Peg

    Well stated evaluation of what a privately owned vacation rental should be.

  • Hotels are overrated. I rather stay in a home vacation rental in which I and all my friends can fully experience luxury and comfort without worrying the invasion of privacy and limited space.

  • For the past 20 years we have run a vacation rental business. Once embarking on this endeavor, I have never again stayed in a hotel when we traveled, for business or pleasure. Hotels are very restrictive, as well as pricey with all of their hidden fees. Just having a kitchen for drinks, snacks or a simple breakfast makes a big difference by choosing a vacation rental. All of the other pluses are just icing on the cake. Great article that everyone should read. Thanks for sharing.

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