Vacation rentals over hotel accommodation

For holiday makers and families going on an extended vacation, the primary issue is in deciding where to stay during the holidays. Even though the individual may have other options regarding the mode of accommodation, and it’s really worthwhile considering vacation rentals as an obvious choice over other types of rentals.

Holiday budget is always a constraint, and if you can combine the affordability aspect with your desired choice of a holiday location, you end up benefiting with a relaxing holiday without running a high bill. It’s advantageous to think about vacationing in privately owned homes.

vacation house

Check out why vacation rentals are more advantageous as compared to hotel or other types of accommodations.

1. Less expensive

Booking a vacation in rented premises turns out to be very affordable as compared to a hotel. Hotels are primarily profit generating business entities, and the rooms are available for rent on a “per day” basis – you end up paying accommodation charges on a daily basis. While staying in privately rented homes, one can avail the packages for a stipulated period, so it’s always possible to negotiate the renal price.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay certain taxes applicable to hotel stay. It’s true you may be liable to pay the brokerage fees to real estate agents for finding you the perfect rental, but the fees are highly affordable as compared to what you end up paying ultimately for your hotel accommodation.

2. Personalized amenities

Hotels offer pre-decided amenities, and these amenities are included with your hotel rental whether you require them or not. That’s not the case with homes rented for vacationing purposes. You get to decide what you need and that too up to what extent. You can choose the amenities, and since vacation rentals offer various options, you have the freedom to include the facilities you need or exclude amenities that you don’t.

If you have a large family with children and the elderly, you can choose a home with multiple rooms and a large garden or backyard for the children to play in, something you can’t do with a hotel rental.

3. Privacy

You don’t get enough privacy in hotels. If you’re on a honeymoon holiday, or don’t prefer to be disturbed, a rented vacation home would be the perfect choice for you. You have the keys to the home, and can come or leave the premises as and when you desire.

You get freedom from prying eyes and inquisitive looks from other occupiers, or holiday makers.

4. Choice of locations

Since hotels are commercial institutions they are located in prime areas or locations. You don’t have many choices in terms of locations with hotels – there are a few options available and you get to decide a particular location available in a popular tourist spot. Forget about your desired hotel location – it’s very rare you will find a hotel in the exact area of your choice.

That’s not the case with rental locations. Vacation as well as holiday rentals are offered by private home owners to a large extent, and private residences for rental purposes can be easily availed in the country side, in off beat locations, near the beach, up there in the mountains, etc.

One of the major advantages of rented vacationing houses is the plethora of choices available in terms of your temporary homes – condos, apartments, town homes, row houses, micro houses, cottages, etc., something just not possible with a tradition hotel stay. The holiday makers can’t enjoy frequent holidays – they’re not affordable since people have to work and earn a living too.

There are a lot many expectations when people plan a holiday, and they get perhaps a single chance in a year to make the best of what they can afford or manage. Opting for a vacation rental would be good choice for most trip goes if one wants to save money and enjoy the holidays for an extended period.

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