What All Can Social Media Do For Your Vacation Home

In this century of competition and rat races, every new idea becomes a widely followed concept as people from everywhere jump into it. Same is the case with rental house, a lot of which have mushroomed in the last few years. To make your vacation home stand out, you not only need incredible logistics but also flawless marketing. Once made nicely visible, you have great chances of making it big in the business, because the good news is that, as the number of providers increases so does the number of consumers.

Social Media Marketing for your Vacation Rental


Social Media Tactics to Enhance the Frequency of Occupancy of Your Vacation Home


1. Networking with a large array of potential customers

Social networking sites have a tremendous capacity of reaching out to people. Most people have a big number of friends, each of who have another great number on their list, and so on. There is virtually no limit to how far you can reach with your connections if your page is tempting enough to attract people’s attention and appreciation.

2. Keep people interested in your site through news feeds and updates

Once people have started following your vacation rental’s page on a social networking website, they will be able to see your new posts, tweets, or updates. You can use this to your best advantage and post things that would interest your clientele the most. For example, if a major part of your client base includes college students or youngsters, write regularly about nightlife, shopping, and other latest stuff in your city that may appeal to the young lot. Same way, if your vacation home is in more of a family-friendly city, target kids as well as adults. Write about how kids and their parents both can enjoy their time in your vacation rental.

3. Giving people a more relaxed way of connecting with you

Research shows that a major chunk of people’s web surfing time goes into social networking. Everybody seems to have something or the other that glues them to their favorite social website. People are also more relaxed when they are onto these sites. It therefore makes more sense to publicize your place on networking sites than expecting people to reach your site through self-initiated searches.

4. A simple click of a “Like”, or “Follow” button is what it takes

Updates and events are much easier to keep track of when you are hooked to them through social media. Unlike mass mail, you don’t even need to maintain a database of customers collected from everywhere. You can simply write about a new offer or post new pictures and videos to get instant attention from all those who are following you.

5. For getting a rich base of photos and videos

Encourage people who have stayed at your rental to upload some of their personal photos at the house on your Facebook page. If they have liked your place, request them to add a positive comment on a social networking site like Pinterest to market your vacation rental business.

6. Staying connected with old customers

You can always request your tenants to hook on to you through social media websites once they get back home. If they genuinely liked staying with you and look forward to visiting the place again, they are quite likely to keep track of the happenings via social networking. They may even recommend the place to others who come to your page for reviews.

So work on your social media publicity tactics to increase the bookings of your vacation rental.

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