Why Large Groups are Opting Vacation Rentals over Hotels?

Vacation rentals accommodating large groups are in great demand for many occasions and there is a reason behind this. These homes are often preferred over hotels, as when there are many people, you would not only have to book large number of rooms to accommodate everyone, and you would also have to make arrangements for their meals in the hotel. This could work out to be extremely expensive.

large group of travelers

On the other hand, a large group townhouse or cabin is ideal and also affordable. It can be used for family reunions, employee retreats, holidays with a group of friends or even to accommodate family and friends during a wedding.

Preference for rentals over hotels is one trend that owners of a large group of vacation house can cash in. Today, when people go on holidays or spend time away from their homes, the last thing they want are uncomfortable and lumpy beds, overcrowded swimming pools, dull breakfast buffets or an expensive Internet connectivity. And, usually this is what happens when a person stays in a hotel. On the other hand, staying in a big group holiday villa or rental is like staying in your home, as you have all the comforts you would find in your home and the bonus is the added amenities that are part and parcel of the home. This blend ensures that guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

However, you would have to portray your home as an ideal place for large groups and for this you would have to take certain measures. Here are some tips for owners of rental houses that will help them stand apart from other similar homes and ensure that they have low rate of vacancy:

Have a Catchy Headline for Your Advertisement

When you are advertising your property to large groups or families, the idea is to catch the potential traveler’s attention. Headline of your advertisementYou will be competing with other rentals, so you just have a few seconds to do this. The best way to grab a person’s eyeballs is by having a catchy headline that informs the potential renter about what is special about your property and why they should rent it. Give an attractive headline or title for your rental home of your advertisement for driving maximum business. Use your adjectives based on renters you are targeting. For instance, your headline can use the adjective ‘lovely’ when targeting honeymooners or you can use adjectives like spacious and expansive when trying to get large groups. So do spend some time creating your ad and the headline for it.

Stage Your Photographs

Surveys have found that people on a holiday tend to pick vacation homes over hotels as it allows them access to all the kitchen facilities. So if you are interested in attracting large groups, you should stage your photographs to grab their attention. Pay close attention to the kitchen and dining area and place some food items, such as wine, fruits, French bread, and then click the photographs. You can increase your bookings for large group vacation with appealing High Quality Pictures. This will create a welcoming ambiance and tempt large groups to pick your home over others. Also, it is best to use a professional photographer, who will know how to stage the room and click from such as angle to make the room look spacious and inviting.

Use the Advertisement to Describe the Experience Potential Renters Will Have

Rather than having a bland advertisement that just describes your large group holiday rentals, spend some time crafting an interesting advertisement that describes the experience that renters will have when they stay in your home. This could be about having privacy while enjoying all the amenities of a full house or that the house is so spacious that there is ample room for adults and kids to play and enjoy themselves. If you have a Jacuzzi, highlight how people can use it to relax and refresh themselves. Talk about the surroundings where your renters can enjoy themselves and explore. These are the fundamental elements that make people want to rent a holiday house and highlighting them will ensure that your big group vacation home is always booked.

If you want to ensure that your vacation rental for large group is in demand, you need to stand out from the rest. This means thinking out of the box and using niche marketing strategies that catch potential renters’ attention. Use social networking platforms and other online and offline methods to advertise your rental in a unique and distinctive manner.

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  • Chloe Thomas-Young

    Yes, great article! I agree that vacation rentals are ideal for both large groups and vacation rental owners. It’s a win-win situation, vacationers can have free roam of a home away from home and holiday home renters can profit largely.

    In addition to your points made, I think an important part of marketing your property to potential renters is to choose a suitable and appealing name. It can help you to stand out from the crowd and can be used to sell the experience potential renters will have at your property. Coming up with a creative and memorable name will leave a lasting impression on your guests and increase chances of being booked.

    Chloe Young
    Kigo Vacation Rental Software

  • Ram Gurung

    This is a great article!!! I absolutely agree with this article. Looking forward,
    Best Regards
    Mystic Land Adventure (P.) Ltd
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Kent Thompson

    Totally in agreement! What group would want to stay at a hotel, when they can get the same quality and more privacy for a lesser price?

  • Camilo Acosta

    Adding group payment functionality is the best way to make large groups convert into bookings. By ensuring that no one person is on the hook for the whole purchase, VR companies that offer PayByGroup make it much easier for these groups to pool their money to book and pay you.

    An added benefit is that you as a property manager or owner get to see *exactly* who is staying at your property – no more rowdy groups hiding behind one seemingly innocent guest 🙂

    Feel free to reach out to learn more: http://www.PayByGroup.com/Merchants




  • Gideon Joffe

    Good points, WIN-WIN. Thank you, GlobalTravelRentals.com

  • TC

    Sorry to be a killjoy, but large group rentals will kill the vacation home industry.
    Municipality after municipality are enacting new zoning rules to outlaw all short term rentals.
    Why? Because large groups in residential areas are incongruous with the homes around them. Large groups invite partying and loud outdoor activities, extra cars and traffic, and many other issues that neighbors take offense at.
    And they’re taking action. In our area of the Poconos, two towns are currently trying to use zoning rules to outlaw all vacation rentals. While small, single family vacation rentals have been a part of our area for many, many years, the conversion of several homes (often bought on foreclosure) into accommodations for 12 to 20 people has changed the perception of vacation rentals to be simply party houses. This has given the local supervisors a (weak) argument that the homes are now actually boarding houses.
    Which comes to the next issue – the idea of splitting payments among occupants would almost certainly support the local authorities’ argument that these ARE boarding houses.
    So please stop it. Please don’t take our industry there. You are ruining it for everyone.

  • Amy T. Firmani

    We have a number of business group that use the house to relax after a long day at work or convention … they are always wonderful to host and appreciate being “home” and not in a hotel room for days. Would love to reach more of them!

    Amy Firmani

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