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Villa aphroditi


Corfu, Kerkira, Greece

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    Corfu is a Greek island situated in the Ionian Sea and the second largest of all the islands. It is located to the north western part of Greece. Corfu has a history of wars and hence tourists will find forts and monuments in plenty.

    Following are the amazing attractions in Corfu that you must definitely explore to experience the best things.

    The Old Town

    Tourists can easily recognize the multi storeyed buildings and Venetian influenced monument such as the Archaeological Museum. There are interesting exhibits in the museum like the Gorgon pediment with a central Medusa and snakes around her waist and her son Pegasus with a winged horse from times of circa 585 BC. The streets are narrow with shops lined by the sides that sell crafts and food.

    The Old and the New Fortress

    Corfu has 2 forts named as ‘Old Fortress and New Fortress. The former was built in the year 1546 by the Venetians and can be accessed through a bridge. A Doric styled small church also rests inside the fortress that lies on a small rock cape. The latter - New Fortress was built in the year 1577 by the Venetians as a protection against the Turks. It is an amazing landscape view from the top of the fortress to the old town down.

    The Byzantine Museum

    The Byzantine Museum or the Antivouniotissa in the district of Mouragia is a medieval church that locals often recommended to the visitors for its paintings. Many art items between the 15th-18th centuries have been painted by the Cretan artists.

    Explore the Theotokou Monastery

    The Theotokou Monastery was established in the 13th century and was later renovated after 18th century. It is constructed in the pastel hued art form and tourists will find a skeleton of a whale along with other noteworthy items. Don’t be surprised if you find monks moving around the monastery. They still live here.

    Time for some adventure

    In Corfu, there are lots of adventure things you can do and have a great experience. Visitors can opt for scuba diving as the city is renowned for scuba diving in Greece. Hire a guide to lead you through the finest coasts for the activity. Divers will come across some eels and the rare sea-stars to give them company. Shake off your exhaustion at a hidden beach such as the Lakkiess or the Barbati village beach.

    Roam the countryside and interact with the locals about their village life. Alternatively, indulge in some exciting horse riding along the woods at the Trailriders riding stables in the Ano Korakiana village.

    The Achilleion Palace

    Do you want to explore a palace that was featured in a James Bond movie and has a history behind it? Consider the Achilleion Palace that was built in the year 1890 by Empress Elisabeth of Austria. However, it has been used for many purposes such as a casino, a hospital, for a James Bond movie scene and currently as a small museum.

    The Delicacies of Corfu

    The Corfu Cuisine is based on mixture of Greek, Mediterranean and the Italian food. Inquire for dishes of Pastitsada, a rooster with tomato sauce and toppings, the bourdeto dish, a fish in a red sauce and some wine along with it. A fine dining defined.

    So the next time you want to explore historical monuments in Italy, book your way to Corfu.


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