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The lodge b & b

The lodge b & b


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


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The lodge b & b

The lodge b & b


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Magnolia villa (your new home)

Magnolia villa (your new home)


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Magnolia villa , a  true vacation rental concept in Jaipur. Magnolia villa stands tall within an 5000 sq feet area, you will be welcomed within...

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    Jaipur - the Pink city

    Jaipur is named after the founder of the city, Maharaja JaiSingh Sahib. The capital city of the state is known as the pink city due to the ancient terracotta buildings. The place celebrates the colors; here you can find the eye soothing fabrics and breathtaking Kundan jewelry. Jaipur is part of the famous golden triangle of India and fabulous way to experience the incredible India. The food of the place will tempt you with the aroma of spices and ghee. Apart from the experiencing royal life, here, you can also enjoy the adventures, safaris, and wildlife. Jaipur is the whole package waiting to be explored by you!

    Heritage - tales of the Maharajas

    The Land of the Palaces, the city has been renowned with this name. The Jaipur is famous for the monuments and structures. Here you can visit the famous Albert Hall Museum and enjoy the artistic era of the Rajputanas through the portraits and paintings, brassware, woodwork pottery, and sculptures. Another gem of the town is the Doll Museum, here, you can relive the moments from the childhood. Also, make your way to The Government Central Museum to learn about the lifestyle and stories of the royal families. Jaipur unfolds the tales of the bravery, beauty, and traditions.

    Festivals - celebration of colors

    Being known as the Pink city, the Jaipur celebrates the colors and life both. The folk over here celebrates the main two festivals Teej and Gangaur, the married women take part in the celebration of the long life of husband and the single girls celebrates it with the desire of getting the prince of their dreams. The women are dolled up with the traditional clothes, ancient ornaments; you can also see the authentic henna designs on their hands. Apart from the traditional celebrations, the other festivals such as Elephant Festival and kite festival, you will enjoy being part of some finest events. While you are in Jaipur, just walk in The Jaipur Literature Festival, an overwhelming moment for the literature lovers!

    Architecture - reveal the world of jharokhas

    Jaipur is the first planned city of the India and the architecture of the place inspires people from years. Here, you can find few wow moments while seeing the structures which are followed by the Vastu Shastra and Shilpa Shastra. The monument like Hawa Mahal is the best example of this; the five-storey building is inspired from the crown of Lord Krishna and has the lots of jharokhas, named as the Palace of the winds. The Jantar Mantar, the UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the world's biggest stone sundial "Samrat Yantra". Another architectural jewel of the city is Jal Mahal built between the Nahargarh hills and situated in the Mansagar Lake. Jaipur isn’t just town; it reflects the glory of Indian Architecture.

    Cuisine - aroma of the happiness

    The Jaipur Journey isn’t completed until you had the world famous dish Dal Bati Churma, it is definitely going to be one of the best culinary treats to have. The Rajasthani cuisine is full of flavors, spices, and tempting aroma. Try the sweet of the place, ghevar, ultimate fun for the sweet lover. Apart from this the places also famous for the spice markets of the town and cooking classes, you can cook your own meal. If you are die hard no vegetarian, take the bite of the Lal maas and Mohan maas, it will be the feast for you. Enjoy the aroma of the happiness!

    Art - breath the literature

    The art of the place is mesmerizing; you can find amusing art galleries and market. The puppet shows and folk songs of the place will definitely add some cherishing memories. The Jaipur is the place where you can add few masterpieces to your collections. The beautifully knitted embroidery, the handmade laces, colorful mojaris and lac bangles will enrich the beauty. Don’t miss to visit the famous Chokhi Dhani village!

    Modern Jaipur - the Old wine in new bottle

    Jaipur is not just the tale of the History, culture, and Rajvadas. The modernization of the city is just like the cherry on the cake. Enjoy the adventures of the place; make your way to the Ranthambore National Park and click the wild life. You can also enjoy the safaris like camel safari and jeep safari. To get the glimpse of the whole city, balloon ride is the best option.

    Visiting the pink city is just like adding few colors to your travel diary.


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