10 Essential Amenities Guests Need in a Vacation Rental for a Great Stay

10 Essential Amenities that Needed in Vacation Rental

Nobody likes to book a vacation rental that does not offer a good deal of essentials. After all, your travelers need to feel at home and the only reason they will think about revisiting your vacation rental abode, if they were comfortable enough the first time around. Here is a list of essential things visitors need for a great stay in your vacation rental.

These are the 10 great amenities visitors needs for a great stay in your vacation rental.

1. Fast Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi is imperative nowadays, especially in modern vacation rentals. Vacationers and business travelers want to stay connected at all times. Unless specified otherwise, guests expect you to have a fast-connecting Wi-Fi facility.

2. Toiletries

This includes all the essentials, such as soap for the body and hands, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand towel, face towel, bath towel, shower mat, toothpaste, and toilet paper. If you want to add a special touch, you can also keep disposable toothbrush, disposable razors, scales, and feminine products.

3. Closets with Hangers and Coat Racks

Guests need to hang their clothes somewhere, even if they are coming just for the weekend. Make sure you have a spacious closet that comes with hangers. You can even add a coat rack to the room, to make things more convenient.

4. Kitchen Requirements

Plates, bowls, glassware, silverware, mugs, cups, utensils such as fry pans, bottle openers, ladles, spoons, forks, knives and scissors are a must-have. So also, it wouldn’t harm to have dishwasher soap, garbage bags, a kettle and paper towel available, just in case.

5. Cable TV and Streaming Facilities

It doesn’t matter if guests will go on to use this facility or not, but having a working cable TV service makes guests feel they can access this option if they want to. It can be a lifesaver on days when the weather is not conducive to sightseeing or lounging outdoors.

6. Guide Books and Local Maps

Travelers, especially those coming from faraway places, will find guide books, local maps and handy information such as recommended restaurants and places to visit, a savior.

7. Fans

If the room does not have an AC, make sure you have fans installed or at least have table fans in close proximity. This helps your guests feel comfortable and breezy in summer. This way your vacation rental will stand out from others and will attract more travelers towards it.

8. Essential Electrical Appliances

These include an ironing board and hair dryer. Guests may not want to carry the weight of a hair dryer in their suitcases so also clothes get crumpled easily when stuffed inside a bag. Making these essential electrical appliances available ensures that you have their back.

9. A Full Length Mirror

Having a full length mirror installed at the back of the bedroom door helps guests check out their outfit conveniently and comfortably. This is a must-have if you are catering to business travelers.

10. A Guestbook

If guests liked a particular facility or were not happy with a certain service, it could be difficult for them to say this to you in person. Providing a guestbook will help your guests put down a review and make recommendations and suggestions.

These are some of the essential aspects you need to take into consideration to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay at your vacation rental. It can even earn you some rave reviews and give a boost to your future bookings.

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