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tips to make your vacation rental stand out and attractive

6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out and Get More Guests

The vacation rental industry is giving a tough competition to the hotel industry. The competition is also sturdy internally as more property owners are listing their residences as a vacation rental. The real challenge for a property owner is how t...


efficient ways to turn rental guests into repeat guests

7 Great Ways for Vacation Rental Owners to Turn One-Time Guests into Loyal Customers

Vacation rental owners have to learn the art of customer retention in these times of stiff competition. Converting a one-time customer into a repeat customer requires a practical approach and some networking skills. Industry research states that m...


tips to make your vacation rental eco-friendly

Make Your Vacation Rental Eco-Friendly and Attract More Guests

Going green and letting the fact be known on your vacation rental listings can significantly add to the amount of interest you receive from travelers. Looking at the trends of consistently rising demand for environmentally conscious travel, making...


Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Guests

Strategies to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready to Receive Guests

You are all brimming with excitement about your decision to rent out your vacation property. You have advertised your property well and you have a bunch of visitors interested too. But is your vacation home ready to receive guests? Here we offe...


Awesome Staging Tips for Vacation Rental Owners

Most Excellent Staging Tips for Your Vacation Rental to Attract More Guests

A vacation rental owner puts in regular efforts and time in his vacation rental to receive the maximum inquiries and bookings during the busy season. With detailed information, amenities and marketing efforts, he can manage to showcase his propert...


tips to respond positively to negative reviews of your vacation rental

Practical Steps for Responding to a Negative Review of Your Vacation Rental

It is indeed disappointing for a vacation rental owner to receive a negative review of his rental from a past guest. How one responds by not reacting, but acting on these negative reviews can establish goodwill in the industry and fetch more guest...


Four Good Reasons Why You Share Your Favortie Hang-Outs with Vacation Rental Guests

Share your Favorite Hang-outs with Vacation Rental Guests and Develop Lasting Rapport

Travel is for entertainment for sure, but today a greater emphasis is on gaining experience. People want to explore a place and absorb its unique culture as much as possible. And, this is one big reason why people are choosing vacation rentals ove...


tips for vacation rental owners to manage vacation rental

Tips to Manage Your Vacation Rental in an Efficient Way

You have purchased a vacation rental to earn an extra income. However, every property demands regular management and maintenance. One can either manage the rental personally or hire someone else to do it professionally.   These are the 8 ve...


8 Important Tips for First Time Vacation Rental Owners

8 Great Tips for First-Time Vacation Rental Owners

You have a home that is lying unused. This motivates you to set up your property as a vacation rental for those who are looking for an alternative to hotels and are taking a vacation with family in your region. As a prospective vacation rental own...


useful tips to increase vacation rental bookings

8 Tips to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings

A vacation rental owner has decent pre-booked calendar dates of his rental. But, some days or a low season may receive a near to the ground booking rate. There is a healthy competition in the vacation rental industry. Property owners have to be cr...