5 Tips to Earn Better Reviews for your Vacation Rental

Tips to Improve Guest Reviews

Doesn’t matter whether your vacation rental is a spare room, a one bedroom apartment or an entire villa, you are in the hospitality domain and one thing that ensures that your space and pocket remains filled is positive reviews. As the majority turn to internet for advice and suggestions, be it buying a new electronic device, makeup, or booking a hotel, having great reviews of your vacation rental is a sure shot way to attract more customers.

So how does one improve the reviews for their vacation rentals? The answer lies in little efforts you make towards your customers.


5 Tips To Earn Positive Reviews For Your Vacation Rental


1. Make visitor experience your priority

Visitors on a vacation want to have the best time with their friends and family, away from the chaos of their everyday mundane life. Adding a personal touch to your visitors’ stay make them feel valued. Try to accommodate the requests made while booking, if any. Surprise the guests with a cake if you know they are celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

Provide additional amenities and entertainment in terms of board games, a small library, complimentary Netflix subscription, making your guests feel spoiled for choices.

2. Seek feedback at appropriate time

Most people who give a review are either too happy with their stay or too upset. Any guest who had a pleasant stay, but nothing exceptional would not consider reviewing your vacation rental. Ask your guests for their feedback and review, but at a suitable time. If a guest is enjoying a drink by the pool, it isn’t the best time to solicit feedback; it might irritate your guest. Watch your guests closely and ask for feedback when they are in a happier mood and towards the end of their stay. However, do not jump on to the review part. Ask your guests if they have a minute to spare, thank them for their stay and ask if there is anything you can do to make it better. Follow it up with their feedback and remarks.

3. Ask for complaints and correct them at the earliest

The best way to avoid negative reviews is to have the issue addressed while your visitor is still at the property. It is impossible that every guest that comes to your vacation rental is going to have the best time. There will be complaints – some genuine and some bizarre. However, how you deal with them sets you apart from the rest. Be forthcoming in asking your guests for complaints, via comment card, email or call during or after the stay. Try to rectify the problem in a professional manner in order to assure your guests that you are working towards improvement.

4. Offer local touch

When they book a vacation rental, people expect to experience local culture and cuisine. You can give your rental a local vibe by giving the interiors a touch of local culture. Additionally, you can help your guests experience the best of local cuisine by guiding them to the famous restaurants and eateries serving local delicacies. This small gesture will elevate the holiday experience of your guests and will surely help you get amazing reviews.

5. Cleanliness is the key

As they say first impression is the last impression, a clean vacation rental is a sure shot way to win a visitor. Crisp white mattresses and duvets, spic and span floor, scrubbed bathrooms, etc should be a priority. Not for a moment should your guests feel that the property looks like the last guests haven’t left yet. Whether you clean the vacation rental yourself or hire a cleaning service, a hygienic and spotless vacation rental will surely earn you brownie points in reviews.

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