6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out and Get More Guests

tips to make your vacation rental stand out and attractive

The vacation rental industry is giving a tough competition to the hotel industry. The competition is also sturdy internally as more property owners are listing their residences as a vacation rental. The real challenge for a property owner is how to make his home stand out from the rest and attract more guests.

Every guest looks for the same comfort and convenience in a rental similar to that of a hotel. The property owner should strive to exceed the expectations of the guests.


Here we have shared 6 outstanding ways that will help you to make your vacation rental stand out and get more guests.


1. Define Your Market First

Property owners will first have to determine what types of guests are suitable for their rental. Is their rental suitable for corporate professionals, family, sportsmen, singles or others? This can assist to fill the vacancy dates in the low season as well. You don’t want any risk of marketing your rental to everyone and receive specific complaints related to your home.

2. Go Beyond Expectations of the Guests

When property owners exceed the expectations of their rental guests, they not only receive a repeat bookings in the future, but new recommended guests as well. One needs to know the guest’s expectations and fulfill them efficiently. Make their stay enjoyable by adding some features and services in your home such as:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A Barbecue
  • Softer beds
  • Fireplace for winters
  • Transportation options and attractions to explore in the city
  • Have Netflix at home to entertain your guests
  • Indoor games and books

Highlight the best selling feature of your home to your niche market that is different from other rentals in your region. Aid your guests with information about your home and region and be ready to answer any questions personally or on call. Interact with them after they check into your rental.

3. Be Your Own Vacation Rental Critic

Rather than a guest criticizing your rental for a lack of any amenity or feature, it would be wise to be proactive and improvise your home. Be neutral and consider yourself to be a guest in your home and find out what needs to be changed from a guest’s perspective.

Make any repairs if it is needed such as painting walls, sealing the cracks, fixing any electronic items, adding a home theatre, pictures or art items, replacing old rugs or furniture in your home. Make your home spotlessly clean and more inviting.

4. Update Your Website Regularly

A potential guest will first want to view your rental listing website for the pictures of your home followed by the updated calendar for the vacancies. Place clear and good quality pictures of your home that show every room clearly. Keep your calendar updated about the available dates for the rental. Let your headlines and descriptions be attractive and list the distance to popular landmarks near your home.

5. Be Social Media Savvy

In these modern times, you need to be a social media savvy and know how to promote your business online. The internet is a good medium to advertise your rental to people sitting thousands of miles away. Whether you promote on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or have your own YouTube channel with videos of your vacation rental, promotion with proper strategy will work for you.

Have a small video of your vacation rental on YouTube showing your past guests enjoying and having a party or kids playing in your backyard, pictures of beautiful attractions near your home, etc. This will demonstrate your rental to be family friendly.

6. Connect with Corporate Houses

If your vacation rental is near a beach or a mountain and is excellent for a retreat holiday, you can contact the corporate houses for business. Some business houses reward their employees annually with a vacation for some days. You can have these executives stay at your home with the management paying for the stay.

Vacation rental owners only need to be proactive and adapt constantly to the updates in the market about the hospitality industry. Innovative ideas will surely help them to stand out from the competition.

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