7 Efficient Ways to Market Your Vacation Rental Based on Local Events

Great Ways to Attract your Vacation Rental Guests Based on Local Events

Vacation rental owners need to capitalize on any local and exciting events happening in their region to draw more vacation rental guests and serve them better. This strategy can also assist in receiving repeat bookings.

Local events or festivals that are of interest to your past guests can propel them to book your property for a few days. Some examples include the ‘super bowl’, a huge soccer tournament, festivals, film festivals, music festivals etc. With well-timed marketing, you can not only generate inquiries, but also have your vacancies occupied to the last day.


These are the 7 amazing ways that will help you to market your vacation rental and attract more guests based on local events.


1. Select Your Guests

Vacation rental owners should first determine what events will attract particular guests in their rental. Some events may appeal to adults, while some may appeal to families or single travelers. For a holiday season, market your rental to solo travelers or to families. For an opera or a film festival, you can consider adults or couples as your prospective guests.

2. Acknowledge your guests for their stay at your rental

Vacation rental owners can keep a track of their guest’s preferred festivals that they would like to attend. With the event just a few days away, guests can be reminded of the same with dates. A free night stay can also be considered for some special guests. E.g. purchasing a discount ticket to an international film festival happening in your city that the guest was planning to attend before their check-in.

3. Make a list of local events in your city

First, make a list of any local but crucial events happening in your city or region that are of interest to your guests. E.g. – Thanksgiving week, International Film Festival, Charitable events, Black Friday, a Sports tournament, Christmas week, a Food fair, New Year holidays, etc.

4. The email marketing method

One way to have your guest come back to your rental or attract new guests is by email marketing. Create an email list of your clients, and email them once a month about the news in the vacation rental industry. When a local event is nearby, let them know about it and also ask them to let their social circle know about it.

5. Prepare your promotion technique

As the holiday season or local events approach, prepare your promotion strategies. Highlight them in your website and content with pictures and videos. Encourage the tourists to come and stay at your property and enjoy the events. Partner with corporate houses and institutions that host these events to market your rental so that guests can consider your vacation rental.

Some other promotion techniques are:

  • Write ‘things to do’ in your area during the holidays with adequate research.
  • Use the right content with keywords that attract attention of the readers.
  • A free discount voucher for a dinner at a restaurant.
  • Free tickets to local museum for guests who love history.
  • Snow sports activity tickets for guests who love sports during winters and Christmas.
  • Promote your vacation rental and the event on various social media sites to get more exposure.

Suitable research and highlighting the events in your content will be received well by the prospective guests who are looking to travel in your region.

6. Provide inside news after booking

Once you receive the booking, provide an inside information to the guest about the event that can help them significantly. Share tips on how the kids if any, can be kept busy during these times.

7. Promote the experiences

Once the events have occurred and the guests have had a fulfilling stay, highlight about it with the videos, pictures and stories on the website. Also use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to share stories that were memorable for the guests. Your story may be seen by people who are planning to visit next year and may contact you in the future for a stay. Remind your past guests when these types of events happen again.

It is not too complicated for the vacation rental owners to capitalize on the local events to attract guests to their vacation rental. With correct strategies and creative ideas, one can have a booked rental calendar.

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