7 Tips to Write Compelling Vacation Rental Listings

Write an Attention-Grabbing Vacation Rental Listing

Initiated just a few years back, vacation rental business is now in a competitive space. You need to make all efforts to grab the attention of the prospects and lure them to book your vacation home. Writing an alluring vacation rental listing content is one of the ways to ensure a successful business.


Here we offer some strategic tips for writing vacation rental listing that can help you win more customers and be popular in the business.


1. Grab attention with a great headline

Just as the face is more important than the body, a great headline is crucial when it comes to writing a vacation rental listing. A simple, honest, crisp, and enthusiastic heading will do the trick in grabbing the attention of travelers in search of a vacation rental. Write about 10-15 different headlines and select the best one. You could also think of re-writing the heading during festivals and holiday season to make it more relevant and interesting. Keep experimenting and keep learning what works and what does not.

2. Tell Your USPs without much ado

Once a reader gets attracted to your heading and clicks on the listing, get straight into discussing the Unique Selling Propositions of your rental. Don’t let his curiosity fade away by trying to convince him with a typical marketing jargon. Straightaway mention the high points of your rental and advantage it offers as compared to other rentals in the area – it could be the strategic location, scenic views, or the amenities you are offering. Be precise and stick to highlighting 4-5 key features.

3. Be crisp and avoid verbosity

Online readers only scan through the text as they have a very short attention span. So, when you are creating your vacation rental description, make it a point to be very crisp. Avoid large paragraphs, break the text into lists and bullets where needed, and keep the tone of the text vibrant.

4. Have a colloquial approach

Take time to analyze the profile of your targeted visitors. Understand their needs and expectations and write accordingly. The writing style will, therefore, vary if you are writing for youngsters, business travelers, or for a family audience. Keep a friendly approach in your write-up and avoid exaggeration.

5. Spin a story

Convincing people is hard and therefore your description must be compelling. A great way of enticing travelers is to help them envision an enjoyable stay in your property. So instead of just mentioning that your property is equipped with a Jacuzzi, you can write “experience relaxation and rejuvenation after a hectic sight-seeing in a Jacuzzi fitted in the master bedroom.” Such descriptions help people imagine what all opportunities are in-store for them when they visit your property.

6. Sprinkle keywords strategically

Make a list of words that people would use when searching for a vacation home like yours. For instance, you could use terms such as “kid-friendly”, “pet-friendly”, or “sea facing” or “ocean front” to describe your property if they are appropriate for your rental. Use of keywords also highlights the key features of your property and help to convince people to book your rental.

7. Post professionally clicked pictures

Pictures are definitely more important than the words when it comes to vacation rental descriptions. They have immense potential in making booking decisions. While professionally clicked high-quality images are crucial, these need to be supported by relevant, compelling and well-written description to convince a prospective visitor.

Use the above tips to write a convincing and compelling vacation rental description. Revise the description a few time to remove any errors and to make it more precise. Check the response and re-work on it if required. With a little trial and error, you will master the art of writing perfect descriptions for your vacation home business.

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