8 Excellent Ways to Attract More Families to Your Vacation Rental Property

Tips to Attract Families to Your Vacation Rental Property

Presently, vacationer families prefer to spend their holidays at a vacation rental rather than book different rooms in a hotel. The purpose is to be in a ‘Home’ environment, rejuvenate and have the flexibility to adapt to their holiday schedules.

The vacation rental owners also have to set their rentals such that more families consider booking their properties over a longer duration. A fulfilling holiday at a vacation rental can result in the repeat booking or recommendations to friends from the tourists. Family vacation rentals can become the best income source for short term rentals.

Leaving out any features can result in you losing a booking as guests are often in the habit of comparing vacation rentals before proceeding to book the best one. There are numerous aspects of resetting the property changes.


These are the 8 amazing ways to attract families to your vacation rental property.


1. Advertise your rental as a family friendly residence

Featuring your vacation rental as a family friendly home can work wonders! Families often travel with their children. Hence, they are always in search of a home for their vacation that is a child friendly one with ample security and everyday amenities. If the description of your vacation rental has not been updated in line with the new changes in your rental, it is time to rewrite it.

2. Strategize Your Marketing

Include any new feature that has been added and leave out anything unnecessary. Network with specialists from the industry and be aware of the present day changes in the field. A video of your vacation rental or your past guests testimonials on your website can work effectively well. You can also offer a discount during the festive seasons like Christmas or summer holidays.

3. Emphasize major features of your family friendly rental

It is crucial to emphasize or stress on the major features of your family friendly vacation rental in the listing. Some examples include:

  • Beach front rental
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking space
  • Home security
  • Family friendly kitchen
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Indoor games
  • Swimming pool
  • Nearby landmarks or restaurants

4. Specify the number of bedrooms of your rental

Families always take a note of the number of bedrooms in a vacation rental while searching for one. Suitable pictures of your bedrooms can result in bookings as parents make sure where their kids might sleep. If you have three bedrooms, post their pictures.

Do not highlight the other rooms of your vacation rental as an additional bedroom. This may create a misunderstanding with your guests.

5. Mention Home Security in the listing

The top concern for family tourists is safety. If your vacation rental has requisite security features, then mention them in the listing. If there are no safety features, get them installed at earliest. Professional security features such as the surveillance camera at your home’s entrance and exit, alarm systems, gate sensors, keyless entries, etc are some of the crucial security features you can consider.

A pool alarm can assist families with children if you have a pool.

6. Enhanced pictures bring bookings

A common trick of the trade in the vacation rental industry is staging a vacation rental, specifically the bedroom, dining area and the kitchen to make it inviting and comfortable for the guests. Clicking pictures in the right angle that depicts space can fetch more inquiries from the guests.

7. Keep everyday items handy

Storage of daily necessities and their ease of accessibility will chiefly assist your guests to have a comfortable vacation at your rental. Some examples may include car baby seats, toys and bed rails for children, books, Movie DVDs, a first-aid box, allergy medicine, etc. These are all economical investments that will make you stand out of the crowd.

If your vacation home is near a beach, you can consider keeping the beach gears and equipment at your home such as shovels and buckets, umbrella, etc. Highlight these items in the listing.

8. Receive Feedback

It is very crucial that a vacation rental owner receives feedback from the guests during and after their vacation at the rental. Feedback during the stay of the family can assist the owner to make necessary changes and ensure a pleasant experience for the guests. This can ensure repeat bookings as well as recommendations. A post vacation follow-up can assist in implementing changes for the next guest’s comfortable stay.

Summing up, the vacation rental industry has been evolving rapidly. Timely amendments of your rental can attract family bookings for a longer stay frequently.

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