7 Tips That Will Add Wow Factors To Your Vacation Rental

decorating tips for your vacation rental

Raised hospitality standards and the growing rental competition have settled few new challenges among the vacation home owner, one of those is how to give the wow moments or experience to the renter. Further, the traveler of today is not satisfied by having just shelter, the traveler wants a home away from home with different experience.

These are the 7 top decorating ideas to add wow factors to your vacation rental and attract more guests.

1. Make it home, different than home

When the travelers choose the vacation rental over the hotel, it’s because they want to feel like home even being away from the home. But, keep in mind that they don’t want to same clutter as they have seen at the home. So make sure that your vacation home will create the different experiences for them. Try some new trends and take the help of the interior designer to give wow look to your vacation home.

2. Reflection of locality

People come there because they have liked the surrounding area or locality. So make sure that your vacation rental has the essence of locality. Add art work of the place in the decorations. You can also tell your guest about the specialties of place and offer them few better experiences. Let them enjoy the culture, values, and taste of the locality.

3. Welcome the toddlers / Be Kid friendly

Generally, people write ‘kid friendly’ in the descriptions, but make sure that you don’t just have written it, your vacation home is really kid friendly. Devote specific place for the children and have few toys or video games. For toddlers do have sterilizer and food puree maker, it will be helpful for mommies. If you have a good spacious place, you can also have some outdoor games for the kids.

4. Try trends – be colorful

Always be on the trends, check out what other vacations homes are doing to attract their customers. You can also check out the latest interior trends, which will enhance the appearance of the place. Change the colors, make sure that your walls do have few awesome crafts, invest in the good furniture and have some fine pillows having beautiful prints. You can also do the fusion of colors and cultures, but also keep the simplicity ahead.

5. Stunning Outdoors

The outdoor area is the essential part of any vacation rental, so make the optimum usage of the place. You can have a simple garden outside with some benches to seat. The outdoor should be a place where your renters can have small family gatherings and have fun. The good outdoors can increase the four stars to five.

6. Fresh and full supplies

Always check that your vacation home has sufficient amount of things. The washrooms should have the smaller kits, clean and dry towels and no excess clutter. Your kitchen must be in ready to use position, check that your all appliances are in working conditions and do stores few things like coffee, spices, fruits and extra sets of crockery. These small gestures will have a huge impact on the visitors and have a favorable impact.

7. Lighten up the lights

The lightings of the place can make or ruin the images, so make sure that you have proper lighting arrangements. To use the maximum of day lights, have some window arrangements. When it comes to the artificial lights, let the lights be the enhancer of the furniture. Some of your renters can be a reader, so do arrange the lighting in a way that it can be helpful for all. Light up the home in a way that it reflects the brightness of your home.

The above are just a few examples so that you can give wonderful wow moments to your renters. Being a good and caring host is also one of the wow factors.

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  • great information says:

    October 11, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    starting a vacation rental business all this information is helpful.

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  • Lind C says:

    October 29, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Very helpful, a lot of good pointers, will use a few of them for
    my first vacation rental home.

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