Ways to Enhance Guest Experience in Your Vacation Home

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A person on vacation seeks a notch higher luxury than what he/she gets back home. Vacation signifies a nice relaxed time when life slows down and becomes infinitely less demanding. A vacation is also the time when people are most willing to spend money on things that genuinely give them pleasure!

As the owner of a vacation home, you can make a fortune by giving people some extra special features to add to their comfort, besides being up to date with the basics. The thing of the day is automation. Home automation, like the other predecessors of automation technology, adds more ease and efficiency to the daily chores of human life. Especially when vacationing, people certainly prefer staying in an accommodation that makes regular tasks easy, so that they get all the time to rejuvenate and soak fun.

Most automation methods for homes involve controlling devices with one’s smartphones or tablets. Light bulbs that can be turned on or off remotely from a phone are one common example of home automation. Some of these lights also let you adjust the level of brightness just as you would adjust your volume knob, from the convenience of your little smartphone!

For making your vacation rental hi-tech, there are multiple options in automation that you can consider implementing, in order to enhance your guests’ vacation experience.

Invest in Outlet Switches

Outlet switches are quick to respond and facilitate an easy control of electrical appliances through remote controls and smartphones. Replace your existing switches with these for a complete automation of lights, air conditioners, heaters and other equipment in the house. Outlet switches are also safer to use; the risk of short circuit or fire due to an over-load is significantly low in an outlet switch than on ordinary switches.

Discover Some Cool Apps for Your Home and Prompt Guests to Download the Same

Home automation is easier and cheaper than you imagine. And it can be a lot of fun once you start exploring the ways in which you can change the way things work in there. There are multiple cool automation apps for home automation – some paid and many others for free. Discover the ones that work best in your facility and request your guests to download the same on their phones or tablets to be able to enjoy the automation experience.

Automated Door Lock and Unlock Systems

To be able to check all doors before going to bed without getting up is sure a priced comfort when your guests come home tired after a day of sightseeing. The main door is the most suitable and often the first candidate to get blessed with automation technology. Do make sure that the system you are using is foolproof as this one is critical to the safety of your home, and more importantly, your guests.

Replace Wires with Remotes: Make Your Vacation Rental a Wireless Space

There are a number of things around you that you can make wireless and control with remote control devices. Window blinds, curtains, fireplaces and lights are a few things that are easy to convert into their wireless counterparts. Encouraging remote control usage wherever possible would make things electrically safer and convenient to use, and would also make your home look better owing to the removal of unsightly wires all over.

Hi-Tech Security

Amaze your guests with security systems that remind one of sci-fi fiction movies. On a serious note, these systems are very effective in ensuring that your guests, their belongings and your home stay safe. Some modules of safety systems are also effective in warning against possible fires using automatic thermostats. Video monitoring systems are great for protecting against intruders and are also good for keeping a check on children’s rooms.

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