Important Tips to Create Great Vacation Rental Property

Create Great Vacation Rental Property

As you know that the vacation rental business is setting the new standards every day. To survive through the cut-throat competition, you need to stand out as the great vacation rental. To make it great, you need to make few appealing changes which will lead to the better customer reviews and stable customer relationship. Further, the little attention towards things and few changes with better management will not only get a few more dollars but also make it the great vacation rental.


These are the top 9 essential tips that will help you to create great vacation rental property for guests.


1. Style your vacation rental

Not everyone wants to be in the 70s or 80s house, so keep your interior style according to the time. Moreover some time it happens that the old houses are well maintained but they are old fashioned, which turns the guest expectations into disappointment. So make sure that you have updated the furniture for your visitors. Well, it doesn’t mean that you should spoil your budget, instead have some smart and stunning changes!

2. Hire the real estate agency – be professional

Often it happens that you are treating the vacation rental as the second business, which may lead you to have bad reviews about the property. Further, even if you are handling the business on your own, there are still chances that you are facing the issues with the compliance things. So hire the real estate agency, so that you can handle the things in the more professional way. Professional and resolving approach will lead your business to success.

3. Make it feel like home

The Vacation rental business is quite different from the hotel industry, your guest are the people who often feel homesick! So make sure that it really feels like home. You can decorate it with the photo frames, flower vases or you can have some craft pieces on the tables. Have some books and magazine, few extra pillows on the sofa and little trendy coffee mugs. You can also have some indoor games sets for the visitors so that unexpected rains won’t spoil their fun time.

4. Have live kitchen

Well here live means keep your kitchen in working condition. More often it happens that few instruments of the kitchen are not working or you don’t have extra wine glasses for your guest. Make sure that you have all the things, which your guest will need in the kitchen. From Dishwasher to spoons, baking sheets to salt, all essential of cooking should be handy. Let your guest feel like the master chef!

5. Keep it clean

Cleanliness is the priority! Make sure that you have cleaned the entire house before welcoming the new guest. Usually, it happens in the race of being successful and getting more bookings, you forgot the basic principle of the industry such as the importance of clean place. You can always hire the housekeeping team. It’s the first thing, of which the guest will take the mental note immediately. So make sure that your first impression is smear free!

6. Offer a bit extra

Well, none of your guests is the monk, so they will definitely appreciate if you will offer something to them. Further, this small gifts or courtesy is the pathway to the good reviews and good customer relationships. You can leave the small welcome package including some snacks and brewery for them or offer the lunch or coffee with you. These small things will have the huge impact, so add it to your checklist of the great vacation rental.

7. The brilliant bedrooms

Make sure that the bedrooms are clean and spacious. There should be enough storage places in rooms and bathroom both so that your guest can manage their belongings easily. The bedding should neat and clean, with the extra pillows and blankets. You can also provide some amenities such televisions sets, music systems or air-conditions. Alarm clock and reading lamp accompanied by some books will surely bring the smile on guest’s face. A good resting place will make their vacation more relaxing.

8. Pay attention to patio areas

Decorating a house isn’t the end of the job; you should also pay attention to the lobbies, out yards gardens or deck. Make sure that your garden has some good plants and chairs so that your guest can enjoy their evening in the out yard. You can hire the professional to help you so that you can make the optimum usage of the patio areas and impress your guest.

9. Be helpful

Remember that its hospitality industry and the incorrect behavior can ruin all your investment and efforts you made on the vacation rental. So answer all queries and solve each complaint. You can also provide small booklet about the place including maps and emergency numbers or you can tell them about the best locality things that will improve their traveling experience. Being helpful to them is an ultimate help to your business.

The above are the just few tips to create the great vacation rental. As you are the captain of your business, you can decide your business terms according to the trending wind.

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