Keep Vacation Rentals Clean To Win Customers and Reap Profits

tips to keep vacation home clean

Clean vacation rentals hold an appeal for even exaggeratedly proper visitors. Keeping rentals clutter free essentially translates them into places which even the most discerning tourists, including you would look forward to visit year after year.

Importance of housekeeping

Survey by a reputed firm reveals that hotel visitors complain the most about malodor, air conditioning, cleanliness and ventilation. Visitors especially don’t like to compromise on cleanliness aspect. Your reputation will be terribly at stake if the visitor feels that you have deliberately overlooked the housekeeping aspect allowing mold, dust, spiders, ants and other distractions to persist. Your customers will let the word out about your preparedness and hospitality index.

Once you have cleaned your rental to perfection, you can also exploit the potential of internet to highlight the uniqueness and appeal of your rental. Artfully stage your rental and tout it through inviting pictures, descriptions and evidences. You can attract renters by boldly presenting the charm and idyllic quotient of your property. But make sure you clearly communicate to the guests what is available in the rental and what they should come prepared with.

But how to meet the lofty expectations of your esteemed customers

When you are on your mission to make your rental clean, remember that anything that contaminates the overall ambience should be removed. This will also pave way for easy cleaning with limited means at hand. Offensive smells and soiled floors can convey a dissuading impression to visitors. So make it a point to keep the rental clean to perfection if you wish to make way to your visitors’ hearts.

Never overlook the importance of maintaining a neat outdoors. Curb appeal of the property can be heightened by regularly trimming lawn, keeping sidewalks mildew free and pressure washing the siding.

Enough attention should be committed to keep floors and other visible regions clean and dirt free. Walk through your property and set right any discrepancy that might call for professional attention. Change furnace filters, wash the upholstery, blanket and comforters, and clean everything that plays a role behind the scene.

The beds should be checked under to remove dust mites. All the window frames should be wiped over and dead flies or bugs should be removed. Any spider web spotted should be instantly cleared off. Another bothersome sight is that of walls painted by swatted mosquitoes.

You can sustain the good looks of your rental by periodically cleaning the property and eliminating the spots that mar the appearance of the rental. Trying to do it all at once will make you fail pathetically. You should develop a comprehensive checklist of things to do on priority basis to keep customers happy.

How to professionally keep your property clean?

Get in touch with local agencies that can keep your rental maintained year round. You need to hand over the cleaning checklist developed to your maid service to ensure that every aspect is attended to. This involves sprucing up the cabinets, dishwasher and wastebasket emptying, sweeping and vacuuming of floors, and sliding glass doors washing among others. The list should essentially include towel laundering and replacement, cleaning sheets and pillow covers. The instructions should be clearly spelled out in the locally spoken language.

You can mull about hardwood, ceramic or other floor installation that would call for minimum upkeep. Any ugly sight, grime etc. should be removed by cleaning kitchen as well as bathroom’s tiles and grout. You should jot down the brand name and other manufacturer related information of appliances so that the information is readily available when a service call is registered. The carpet and upholstery cleaning should be scheduled at regular intervals. Cleaning area rugs should be assigned to agencies that have specialization for the particular rug design and type. A stain resistant coating should also be applied. The cleaning of blinds and draperies should be done regularly to drive off mold, funky smell and pollen.

You should clean air ducts at least once in 3 years. The ventilators, air conditioners and heating facility should be maintained properly to keep the indoor air quality proper. Outdoor services like lawn mowing, snow shoveling and ice buildup prevention should be carried out as required. You should always keep yourself ready for unpredictable happenings such as pipe leakages, damage from smoke, overflowing toilets etc.

Carry out inspection of the patio furniture fabric and pillows to spot and remove unsightly stains. You must engage reputable agencies for keeping the pool clean and landscape crisp. This will be particularly helpful if you are located somewhere far from the vacation rental.

The outdoor carpet should be vacuumed off before the arrival of guests to remove food leftovers, fragments etc. The outdoor lighting covers should be wiped off from outside as well as inside. This holds true for outdoor ceiling fans too.

A clean vacation rental is a healthy, happy investment. Tourists will flock to your rental and dwell upon it. Endear your property to prospective visitors by keeping it clean. Also, be prepared to respond to unanticipated errors the moment they thrust themselves into your attention. Your visitor will gain a sense of comfort if you affably acknowledge the error on your part and rectify the same.

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