Make Your Vacation Rental Eco-Friendly and Attract More Guests

tips to make your vacation rental eco-friendly

Going green and letting the fact be known on your vacation rental listings can significantly add to the amount of interest you receive from travelers. Looking at the trends of consistently rising demand for environmentally conscious travel, making your property green and sustainable will be a fantastic investment to make. Moreover, going green can eventually also reduce your power bills leading to overall cost savings; not to mention the satisfaction you get out of taking a step towards protecting the earth.


Here is a list of top 11 easily implementable ideas for making your vacation rental go green.


1. Install a Solar Panel

If you have a large terrace area or open space you could utilize some of it for producing your own electricity. Even if you don’t have enough space for accommodating a solar panel, you could take a community initiative and get a collective solar panel that all homes in the neighbourhood can use. It’s one awesome investment to make in your property.

2. Supply Locally Sourced Food

If you are providing any food or raw material to your guests, make sure it’s locally sourced. Fresh food is not only much healthier but also puts far less strain on the environment as it doesn’t need to be especially packed and transported across long distances. For health reasons and for environmental reasons – your guests will appreciate the gesture for both.

3. Buy Organic Cleaning Products

Cleaning products laden with chemicals cause an immense amount of water pollution. In addition, many brands of cleansers don’t ensure a low carbon footprint during their manufacturing process. You should be careful while choosing these products and pick those that use as many natural ingredients as possible.

4. Go for Faucet Aerators for a Fun yet Eco-friendly Time in the Shower

Faucet aerators are cheap, they reduce splashing, spread out the water flow – all while substantially reducing the amount of water a typical shower would consume. Install these in your bathrooms for a super easy way of saving a precious resource. Another great way to conserve water is to encourage guests to reuse towels and not to request for changing linen every day as washing towels and linen use a lot of water. Place pretty boards and signs to put forth your message in a polite way.

5. Try Rainwater Harvesting

If your property is in a place that gets a lot of rainfall, rainwater harvesting will make perfect sense for you. Collect and store rainwater in barrels and use it for activities like watering the plants or washing floors etc.

6. Put Some Jute or Cloth Bags for Your Guests to Use

Provide some complimentary bags that people can carry on errands, to the beach or to pack their stuff. When they use these recyclable bags made of natural materials, they naturally use lesser plastic.

7. Set up a Compost Bin

A compost bin is the best way of getting rid of waste and making the best out of it. All your everyday food waste and other biodegradable waste goes into it and comes out a fantastic fertilizer that you can use in your garden. Any environmentally conscious person staying at your rental will appreciate the practice and put in the little effort into segregating waste and putting it in the compost. All you need to do is, maintain it from time to time and give guests a few written instructions on how to manage the bin.

8. Put up a Clothesline for Drying Towels and Laundry

A clothesline, pins and some polite instructions for using it instead of dryers will bring down electricity consumption. If your property doesn’t already have the provision to air dry clothes, put it in place and you go one step forward in the go green journey.

9. Avoid Anti-Bacterial Soaps and Cleansers

Anti-bacterial soaps are totally unnecessary for everyday use. Besides, they have harmful chemicals that are not so good for skin. These chemicals also make the soap a greater strain on the environment than a regular soap would be. So avoid using them.

10. Get Some Natural Ventilation and Sunlight into the House

Door and window screens are very useful for places that get long summers. You can open the windows as often as you like instead of using air conditioning all the time. Big glass windows that provide insulation but let natural light in are also a good measure for reducing power usage.

11. Install Energy Efficient Bulbs and Appliances

You can use LED or CFL lights that consume less energy. Also, when buying appliances for your vacation home make sure they are Energy Star rated. This will reduce your electricity bill dramatically.

Take these small steps towards being environment-friendly and be sure to market them well to see a solid return on your investment!

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