Most Excellent Staging Tips for Your Vacation Rental to Attract More Guests

Awesome Staging Tips for Vacation Rental Owners

A vacation rental owner puts in regular efforts and time in his vacation rental to receive the maximum inquiries and bookings during the busy season. With detailed information, amenities and marketing efforts, he can manage to showcase his property to a wide audience online.

One may have to make some changes to the rental which can propel someone to make a decision about spending their vacation at your well-maintained home. Stage every room carefully as much of your bookings will come online.


These are the best staging tips for vacation rental owners to make vacation rental look beautiful and it will help in getting more bookings.


1. Make Your Home Ready for Presentation

How would you feel if you enter a home and felt things lying around unnecessarily? When guests view a rental, they always prefer to view a presentable quality home that they can call it their vacation home for a few days.

Begin with clearing the useless clutter and adjust some books in the showcase for the display picture in the living room. Vacuum the furniture for any dust and place soft pillows. Make it a homely ambience.

Paint your home again if necessary with warm colors. Experts recommend using blue, green, white, etc. according to the room type and mood. Give your floors a good cleaning and place clean and colorful carpets that blend with the room.

2. Highlight Your Kitchen

Your potential guests will spend some time in the kitchen and the dining room making breakfasts or beverages and savoring them. Keep a stock of usable kitchen supplies at reach with the best plates and glassware for use and some fruits and flowers in these areas. Clear the unnecessary clutter. Let the microwave be out and the kitchen cabinet be set up well with cutlery and crockery. Your kitchen should look spacious.

3. Invest in Home Utility Supplies

Replace your outdated and battered furniture, curtains, pillows, lightings and other items with good looking, quality and stylish ones. Antique furniture can be kept if your rental is focused on some early age theme.

4. Display Your Recreation Room

Click a picture of your game room that has a Table Tennis table, some small kid games and a sofa for them to chill out and show it as a kid-friendly home. Have an open layout to make the room inviting and a couple of bicycles in the background that hints at cycling around the property.

5. Make the Best Use of Light

A natural light can look best when the rooms look dark with closed doors or windows. Brighten up the room and open the windows. If your room is set opposite to a great view, click the picture that shows the room overlooking the view. Always click the room with a full view from a one end or from a little higher position.

If you have a fireplace, light it up to create a warm light. This works best during the winters. One can also use light bulbs to set a warm ambience if the natural light is not an option during the late hours of the day.

6. Show off Your Patio or Front-Yard

A patio that has a garden and trees nearby can work wonders. Click pictures of the trees in the garden during the fall season and a chair on the patio. Paint the patio if needed and trim your garden and maintain the flowers. Also click a picture of the front portion of your home with your front yard. An excellent scene for sure! This shows that a family can relax in the patio at night.

7. Invest in Art Pictures

It is always suggested to place some pictures on the walls of a bedroom and a living room that depict some art. A drawing or a painting can work wonders. There can be different style of pictures for a bedroom and the living room that can fetch vigor. Let your bedroom show a luxurious feel with good quality bedding, soft pillows and linens.

8. Review Your Staging

Take a picture with your DSLR and review it. If you have hired a professional, ask to show the images and consider that you are viewing it as a third party for the first time. Be your own critic. Add and remove things that you would not like to have as a guest in your own rental. Change your pictures at least once a year if not twice. You will have better conversion ratio. If you decide to give your rental a modern look, stick to it. Don’t jump from a modern look to a traditional one and so on. It will confuse the viewer.

9. Photography

Pictures are the mouth of your vacation rental. They can build or break your business in these times of steep competition. Hire a professional to acutely picture the rooms and other parts of your rental if you have no experience about it. A cottage, beach house or an independent premium villa demands different type of photography for each.

Some short staging inputs.

  • Leave some chocolates on the dining table or the bedroom.
  • Turn off the TV when you take the picture.
  • Place a book or two on the living room table or the bedroom.
  • Close down the toilet lid/cover and clean the bathroom walls.
  • If you have a pool, place sunglasses, a reclining chair and a towel nearby it.
  • Wash your windows if they are to be included in the picture.
  • Invest in some relaxing chairs for a patio, living room and a bedroom so that guests can relax and remove their exhaustion away.

In conclusion, staging your vacation home efficiently with new ideas and showing it off online with quality pictures can fetch you inquiries.

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