Share your Favorite Hang-outs with Vacation Rental Guests and Develop Lasting Rapport

Four Good Reasons Why You Share Your Favortie Hang-Outs with Vacation Rental Guests

Travel is for entertainment for sure, but today a greater emphasis is on gaining experience. People want to explore a place and absorb its unique culture as much as possible. And, this is one big reason why people are choosing vacation rentals over hotels. As a vacation rental owner, you can make the stay of your guests even more meaningful by sharing some of your favorite spots in your neighborhood.


Here we give you four good reasons to illustrate why it is a good idea to share your local recommendations.


1. Help your guests enjoy the local vibe

Hotspots and tourists attractions are something that everyone can know through the information guides, but tourists these days demand to have an insider perspective of the city they are in. They want to know things and places that only locals know. So open your secret treasure trove for your guests. Share your knowledge of local hangouts and hidden gems and suggest them some of your favorite off-beat paths. For instance, you can share the addresses of your favorite little cafe, a restaurant that doesn’t mind serving out of menu orders, shops that bargain, hottest bars, and economical brunch spots. Your guests will appreciate your gesture.

2. Nurture your community

By sharing local recommendations you can support your community. Small businesses in your neighborhood like a family-owned restaurant down the corner, a local craftsman, a small mom-and-pop shop, that are an intrinsic charm of your city and which you know and love, get promoted by your efforts. Such places may get overlooked in the presence of fancy shops. So, by recommending your favorite places you can help these small businesses sustain joyfully.

3. Be a great host

Sharing insider information is not just helpful for your guests but it does a whole lot of good to your business also. Your guests see you as an authority figure that is supportive and well-informed. You establish yourself as a great host and get more business.

4. Gain reviews and recommendations

Sharing local tips differentiates you from your competition. Your guests find you helpful and give you a positive review. They might even ignore some of the shortcomings in your rental and praise you for your helpfulness. They will even recommend your vacation home to their friends and family. Thus, you can create a big business opportunity by sharing the best of your neighborhood establishments.

Tips to Share Neighborhood Recommendations Effectively

Share information in your listing

This is a straightforward way of sharing your favorite neighborhood spots. You can use the information to paint an attractive picture of your neighborhood and entice more guests.

Write it in a Guestbook

In your guestbook where you share information, rules and regulations about your rental, you can share information about your favorite cafes, restaurants, shops and bars. Your guests will find it convenient to check the information when they require.

List it down on your website

In your business website you can share information on local festivals, upcoming art shows or other special events and also about favorite places to dine and see.

Send an email

You can also email or send a digital guidebook to guests, discussing your neighborhood recommendations as soon as they confirm their booking.

Sharing information about your neighborhood places is a win-win situation for all – your guests, your local community and also for you. So, recommend your favorite neighborhood spots to your guests and get rave reviews and more guests in return.

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