Top Tips to Make Guests Happy and Get Referrals for Your Vacation Rental

Tips to Get Great Ratings and Referrals for Your Vacation Rental

Vacations are meant to unwind, relax and forget about the daily stresses. So, if you are a vacation rental owner, you should be looking to offer your guests optimal opportunities to relax and have a memorable stay. This will, in turn, ensure your guests leave you a favorable rating. High ratings and great feedback is the key to improving occupancy rate.

It is not a single aspect that will fetch your vacation rental great ratings. In fact, you will have to adopt a multi-pronged approach that ensures your guests are happy and satisfied with the accommodation and services provided. Here are a few tips that will help you garner high ratings for your vacation rentals and also get you referrals.


Following are the 7 tips to make guests happy and get quality referrals for your vacation rental.


1. Offer Lots of Amenities to Your Guests

When a renter books your vacation home, they are looking for a home away from home. This means having the necessary facilities to make their stay comfortable. However, you can create a wow experience by offering your guests certain amenities.

People often forget simple things when heading out for a vacation. You can anticipate those and make sure your vacation rental has supply of toiletries, clean linen, kitchen appliances and the whole nine yards to make your guests so happy that they will recommend the property to their family and friends.

2. Use Guest Comment Cards

Guest comment cards are not just a way to improve your services, but also to showcase what guests feel about your vacation rental. Encourage your guests to post their comments on your Facebook page. Be sure to adjust the setting of the page so that you have to approve comments beforehand.

3. Personalize the Stay to Make Guests Feel Special

Hold Facebook competitions for guests to post their selfies while staying at your property. Choose the best selfie and award the guest a discount coupon for their next booking. Everyone loves to save money on their vacation, and this will be a wonderful way for guests to book your property again while talking about it to their friends and family.

You can also personalize your guests stay by sending them a thank you note over the email a couple of days after they leave. This is a great opportunity to ask them to rate your vacation rental on online portals and your social media pages.

4. Use Referral Fees

No, you do not have to pay money to your guests to get referrals. Instead, create a point-based system that allows your guests to accrue points and then encash them for excursions and trips in the vicinity.

5. Anticipate and Act Accordingly

Your guests will do their homework about the destination in advance. However, you can still make their stay as enjoyable as possible by offering them guidance about local attractions, shopping, restaurants and pubs in the neighborhood.

Also, make a point to drop in and speak to your guests. Offer them tips that just locals will know. In case you cannot drop by personally, use email to give them insider tips and suggestions. Remember, the key is to stand out and ensure you exceed the expectations of the guests. That will help you get high ratings and referrals.

6. Use Discounts and Offers to Your Advantage

We all love offers that help us save money. This also holds true for vacationers. So, offer your guests discounts and offers for longer stays at your vacation rental. Not only will guests avail these offers and discounts, they will also speak about them to family and friends, allowing you to get referrals. In addition, they will rate you high on online portals.

7. Always Remember that Guest’s Comfort is Supreme

Guests love a vacation rental that is comfortable and homely. So, go ahead and make sure your property is always spick-and-span and has clean upholstery. You can leave a chilled wine bottle in an ice bucket, juices for kids and home-baked cookies on the kitchen counter to welcome guests on their first day. Make all items, appliances and equipment easily accessible. You can even leave notes for guests to inform them what is located where.

You will be rewarded for this effort with great ratings and even referrals, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

These are few ways to get referrals and high ratings from your guests. You can even be direct and ask guests for referrals. However, this comes with a caveat. You need to have a great vacation rental where guests have had a wonderful and comfort time. So, if your guests are happy, they will have no qualms about referring your property to others and rating you high.

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